Import tracks does not work with the rack instruments...?

This is the one feature which is making me decide to move from rack to track with my large template in Vienna for orchestral sound.

Today track can do all rack was used to do.

But there is one thing that you can do with tracks which is not working for racks.
The import function

If I try to import a project made with rack, rack and its output is not imported, while it works with tracks. This is a super important feature to introduce modularity in template design.

Any of you have an idea if this import function can also work with rack or if there is a workaround?


As of yet this is still an inconistency with Import Tracks from Project. It is the final piece (that I can see anyway) that is not possible to import from another project - and because I use Rack Instruments and not Instrument Tracks it causes me issues

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It is a notorious lack of import/export track function… FYI, Expression maps are not saved either…

That kind of things makes me more and more looking at Presonus Studio One…

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Really a pity, this would make the work of creating template much easier and modular

Hope Steinberg will look at this soon

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by the way
today track can do all rack was created to do

so I am planning to switch my template on track with vienna ensemble pro loaded, multi input and multi output

at least the import function would work