Show Automation, Instrument Track w/ multiple outputs

The following commands do not work properly on Instrument Tracks where additional outputs have been activated.

  • Show Automation
    (In certain cases)
  • Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks)
  • Show All Used Automation
  • Hide All Automation

The following step-by-step was tested on Cubase Pro 12.0.60, Win10Pro 22H2 19045.2913. Preferences were disabled as well as 3rd party plugins. I also tested on the latest version of Cubase 10 Pro with the same results.

  1. Create a new Blank project.
  2. Create 2 Instrument Tracks, both with Halion Sonic SE
  3. On the first instance, HALion Sonic SE 01, activate 2 additional stereo outputs. (HSSE Out 2 and HSSE Out 3.)
  4. Open up the Automation Lanes for both tracks. Three Volume Automation lanes should be shown for the first track and one lane for the second
  5. Using the Pen Tool, draw in some automation data in all 4 lanes
  6. Close the Automation Lanes for both tracks. (Use the small arrow button in the bottom left corner of the track)
  7. Select only the first track, HALion Sonic SE 01
  8. Right click on the selected track and from the popup menu, click Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks). Nothing appears to happen.
  9. Select the second track and repeat the command. It should work fine.
  10. While the second track is still selected, from the right-click-menu, choose Hide All Automation. Automation on the second track hides but the automation on the first track suddenly appears!
  11. Repeat the previous step. While nothing gets hidden or shown at this point, repeatedly invoking the Hide All Automation the top lane seems to switch between Volume and Mute
  12. On the first track, expand a second lane for the output HSSE Out 2. A lane for Mute is displayed
  13. Draw some automation data for on Mute lane
  14. Close the Mute lane and then close the three lanes on the first track by clicking the arrow on the bottom left corner of the track
  15. Select the first track, right click and choose Show Automation. The Mute automation is not shown.
  16. Hide the Automation lanes again with the small arrow button. No automation should be show at this point
  17. Invoke the Show All Used Automation command. Only automation on the second track is shown.
  18. While the first track is still selected, run the Show Automation command. All the automation on the first track is shown, including the Mute automation.

Anyone care to try this? Thanks!

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Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.