Important | Music Studio on iPhone using iOS 13

Dear all,

We have identified issues on iPhone Plus, Max, X and newer models, and do not recommend purchasing the app until the issue has been addressed for these devices. We are very sorry for your incoveniences.

Best wishes,
Music Studio Support

Update: The update to version 2.11 resolves this issue:

Please fix.

But I didn’t just purchase the app been using it for a year plus …now what I can’t use the damn app anymore … can’t get to my recordings …shits just lost???thats what your telling …the app is useless now that what your saying ???

]I have
IOS 13.1.2
Iphone xs max
Your product don’t work correctly
I bought full commercial version and i want that your program work correctly!!!
Please destroy this problem!!!

Dear Support Team,
Please understand that most (if not all) people reading this post already have music studio installed. Kindly provide status of an update or fix.



I have been an MS user for many years.

I have tried other programs, but frankly none, in my opinion, gives me more satisfaction than this, since I only use an ipad to make music. It allows me to focus only on the musical composition, and occasionally I use it on an iPhone 7plus that presents problems with ios 13.

It is a bit desperate that you do not indicate if the problem is going to be solved or have made other decisions about the future of this magnificent app.

I ask you, please indicate what the future steps will be. and I leave here some questions:

What will happen with this bug?

What happens with the new ipad update for ios?

What will happen with the new ios system exclusive to ipad?

I will thank you for resolving our concerns as soon as possible.

Has anybody tried reinstalling an old iOS on their iPhone?
I’m in the same boat and cannot access 18 months of music making and sample collection etc!
I’ve read that it’s possible to uninstall the new iOS update and reinstall an older version but I’m worried it may wipe existing app info?


I can not recommend anything. I have resigned myself to work only with my mini ipad 2. There is a new ios version for my device and I dare not install it. I asked in this post, but nobody has answered me. But I think that if you have a copy in icloud, you should not have problems if it was made before the update and has not been made since then. In these months you have not made a copy on itunes either?

Hello. Long time User of Music Studio since 2011/2012.

Same Issue here. The main Problem does seem to be iOS 13, As Music Studio worked perfectly on My iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone X Max. Once I had Updated, The Application now opens In a very distorted Interface as I am sure many of Us are aware of by now. The Play, Record, Pause Buttons are hovering over an extremely enlarged Keyboard and cannot be Interacted with. The Tabs for Keyboard, Instrument, Track etc. are forced to the upper left of the Screen and also are unable to be Interacted with.

I can only wonder how much Change that iOS 13 has done to the System that could result In such a drastic Issue to appear. Hope that We can get an ETA on when a Patch may become available. Really need to get back to using the App for My Music as I chart out all My Tracks on There. :slight_smile:


Not only iphone X to the 11, Also all iphones that have available ios 13, PLEASE FIX THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We need a fix to the app, the interface is screwed up and everything is a mess! FIX IT PLEEEEEEASE!

I demand a refund if the issue isn’t fixed

I trusted this app with 5+ years of my music work, now I am not able to have access to any of it, this really ruins my spirit, an This is holding me up on my music business. I am definitely losing sleep over this, I pray they get this resolved as soon as possible

i’ve downloaded every competing midi/recording/daw app since i lost access to music studio and there are much more popular apps that cost much more money and they are just absolute garbage in comparison, definitely have ceased holding my breath but hope there is news soon i’m sad af

I found out that If You are able to Open a MIDI File In Music Studio using Discord [As an Example, Sending It to a Private Server of Yours via PC then Downloading It via the Discord Mobile App], It will Open up Music Studio on the Projects Tab. From there, You should have Access to Your Files. If You press the black Area on the left Side of the Screen just above Music Studio, You will be able to Move through each Tab. Just Try not to end up on the Keyboard Tab [Far left] as Navigating back to the other Tabs will be much harder. You should be able to now Access each Tab. I can Post Images, If It helps.

Is there any ETA on a potential Patch? Been Waiting for over a Month… I do Understand that these Things take Time. I just hope We can All get a bit of Reassurance.

Thank You.

I opened Music Studio after a long interval.
As I tried to import SMF from email, the screen of the app looked a bit strange on iPhone Xs MAX(iOS13) and was not working.
I remember it was working well last month…

Since I misunderstood that my operation to import SMF was wrong, I re-installed this app (despite it may lead to the loss of some files).
But nothing was improved from the situation before.

Should I understand that this is the problem described here?
How long should I wait until this bug is fixed?

Yes … please fix!!
I am an existing owner along with the in-app purchases … very disappointed that the app is not updated and compliant

Can you express your intent to address the problems along with your intentions to fix and a timeline please?

Hey guys, Korg have fixed their IOS 13 problems. Time you did too.

Honestly this app used to keep me sane on my 2 hour commute to work. Pleeeeeaaaase fix this. If you’ve identified the problem, just help us all out and fix it or employ someone who can.


I have had this app for years and it is now unusable! - are you going to refund everyone who now can’t use it as you are apparently ignoring complaints and seem to not even be attempting to fix the problems on IOS for iPhone plus!!

Hi it’s posible to become the money back? Id dosent Work on my device. ? Thx