Importing expression maps of VST3 instruments?

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I can extract mapping information from VST 3 instruments and convert it into a new expression map

It does not seem to work with NI Symphony Series. This runs in my Kontakt6 which is a VST3 intrument. Nevertheless I cannot seem to import/extract it , when I load Kontakt into an empty instrument track in Cubase 11 ? Do I understand something wrong or doesn’T is work at all?

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Unfortunately some plugins have been hastily ported to VST3, and don’t actually support several of the API’s features for now.

If you want to check out how this is supposed to work, open Halion Sonic SE and load a preset with articulations, such as “Solo Trumpet VX” or “Brickwall Nylon NoteExp”. The import feature described by the manual should show up.

Note that several sample libraries have Expression Maps available for download, either from the developer’s site or from other forums.

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Thx a lot for your reply. Having followed your example I now know how it SHOULD work.

Unfortunately I did not find any expression maps for the NI Symphony Series. I posted this in the NI forum as well. Maybe someone over there knows a link. If not, I’ll try to create the map myself.
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Have a look here

In my post you have some maps to download which you may tweak and adapt to your needs.
You can also share yours when you create them: