Impossible to hide MixConsole channels which are not located in the center zone of the MixConsole.

Greetings Oh great Cubase wizards!

I have used the search function to look out for an already existing bug report unsuccessfully.
I have consulted the “Cubase version history” PDF unsuccessfully.

System specific issue or bug?

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Display the MixConsole in the lower zone of the project window (ALT + F3)
  3. Add/create an audio, instrument or midi track

By default, the corresponding MixConsole channel will be located in the center zone of the MixConsole.

  1. Move the MixConsole channel to the left or right zone of the MixConsole
  2. Hide the newly created track

Result = The corresponding MixConsole channel remains visible.

  1. Move the MixConsole channel back to the centre zone and hide it again (as moving channels between zones will unhide them automatically)

Result = The MixConsole channel is hidden as I would expect it to be.

MixConsole channels will only be hidden when located in the centre zone of the MixConsole when displayed in the lower zone of the Project window. The “standalone” MixConsole (F3) does not exhibit these results and behaves as intended.

Thank you!

Cubase Artist 9.5.10 Build 79 (64 bit) on Windows 7 Professional SP1

EDIT: Corrected numbered sequence.


MixConsole of the Lower Zoone is not the same MixConsole 1 (in the dedicated window F3). Same as it’s not the same as MixConsole 2 or 3 o4 4 (in Nuendo). If you move one of the Channel in one of the MixConsole, it’s applied in the one MixConsole only.

Hi Martin!

Thanks for chiming in but I believe you’re misunderstanding my issue/explanation. Later on today when I have a chance, I’ll make a few screen captures to show you what I mean. :wink:

Screen capture no. 1
Project & MixConsole windows…

Audio track (located in left zone & visible)
Group (located in centre zone & visible)
Output (located in right zone & visible)

Screen capture no. 2
All of the above (audio, group, output) are hidden but, the audio track channel located in the left zone & the output channel located in the right zone remain visible. :open_mouth:

I hope that I’ve managed to explain/clarify things better this time around.

I see, I got it now and I can reproduce it. I will report this as a bug. Thank you.

You’re welcome Martin, it’s a pleasure to help. And thank you for your attention & expertise, have a great day! :slight_smile:

The bug still exists in version 10.5.12.

And still in 10.5.20…

because it’s not a real bug… and it’s not very important at all

you set a channel hidden and then you tell the mixer to display it in a dedicated area… what should Cubase do?
You expect to hide the channel but I guess not all (programmers) would expect that…