Inconsistent System Break Behavior?

Is this behaving correctly, and I’m just not understanding the process here?

I’m intending to move one measure up to the previous system. If I click the stem of the note, it pulls an extra bar (and needlessly splits a multi-rest). If I select the slur, it pulls THREE bars?? But, if I select the hairpin, it pulls just the bar that I meant to bring up to begin with.
System Break Weirdness

Oh, ha, I just spotted that selecting the hairpin pushes the first bar to a previous system as well, so still not quite what I was looking for. THAT, at least, I can understand the reasoning for, as I’ve sorta selected the entire dynamics group (but not really? I still get confused about exactly how “selected” blue dynamics are). Still, I just want to get these two notes (and ONLY these two notes!) on a single system, and it’s not letting me. I’m obviously missing something.

Have you tried adding a System Break on bar line 225?

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LOL I’m all clicking on everything IN the bar thinking that’ll define the bar I’m trying to address, and I never think to click on the bar LINE.

That did the trick! Still, I would think clicking on any of those other parts within the bar would have had the same effect. The slur, in particular, seems like it must be a bug to grab a whole 3 extra measures!

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Clicking on the bar line does not choose the entire measure’s contents (including the hairpin) which was what seemed to be causing the problem.

One other quirk to be aware of: the behavior is different if you click on a stem, rather than the notehead itself. I believe this is a deficiency, but it is what it is, alas. You want to click on the noteheads themselves. (But clicking on the barlines directly is the safest method to get exactly what you want)

Yeah, this bit me quite often. For example, you have to click the note to see the properties of its stem. Clicking the stem alone, while possible, will not show its properties :smiley:

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Yeah… I hope this is eventually resolved.

Ah yeah, interesting that clicking the stem appears to completely wipe out the Properties panel. That does seem like they should assign it so that it would, if nothing else, maintain the properties that you get with clicking the notehead.

That happens because there are different properties to edit for a stem versus a notehead. In write mode they are one thing, but not in engrave mode.

Dorico is wonderfully strict about presenting properties that are specific to the selection you made. Why would you want that different?

In all fairness, it does seem perfectly reasonable that clicking on a notehead or stem could show all the properties pertaining to that note since they are part and parcel of the same entity.

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I disagree. Should clicking on a stem show the properties of the tuplet as well?

I don’t know what you mean, when I click on a stem in Engrave mode, I do not see anything in the bottom panel. Or are you talking about something else?
Selecting a tie, notehead, or accidental all appear to reference the same Properties options/panel. It is only the stem which is different, and it’s not anything unique - it’s just empty!

I like how Dorico does that too. That does not appear to be the case here though.

I think the real issue here is that one presumes that clicking on any part of the note (head or stem) will present the options for the note as a cohesive whole, but it does not. It’s worth noting here that there is a cognitive dissonance between how selecting the notes works in write mode vs. engrave mode; in one mode, clicking on any part of the note will show you all the options revealed in that mode. In the other, the same action produces different results.

Regarding tuplets, I would expect to click on a tuplet to adjust it.

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In a sense. But also, I think this whole line of reasoning would be better argued if, in fact, selecting the stem actually brought up a unique set of properties. But it does not. The stem has nothing appear in the properties panel.

In regards to the original point of the post though, I don’t see any reasonable argument for selecting ANYTHING in the bar pulling following bars of rest into the previous system with it. That’s clearly got to just be a bug.

Not sure we can call that a bug until we knew the programmers intended clicking anywhere in the measure to allow one to reposition the measure. A bug has to be something unintended, not just a result we don’t like or expect.

No, the bug is that it’s pulling 1 extra bar of rest in once case, and 3 extra bars of rest in another.
While they may want a different behavior depending on what you select, I’m pretty confident that in no situation would they be intending you to pull bars (especially multiple, user-undefined) bars with it.

Would they pull extra measures if you didn’t have the hairpin in that final measure of music?