Indenting and numbering staffs

I can’t seem to find a way how to do this but what I’m looking to do is to indent staffs other than the first staff on the same page and then sequentially number each of those indented staffs. I’m currently working my way through Bach Chorales which are usually a couple of systems long - so maybe 3 Chorales to a page.

What would be logical would be to write one chorale per flow… but the problem now is that you cannot have two flowtitles on the same page ! Which means using indent first system (of each flow) and add titles in text frames. I am confident that Dorico will make this very easier in due course :wink:

Thanks Marc - appreciated.

I’d just worked out the business of having two or more flows on the same page and creating an indent for the first staff - delighted to see I’m thinking down the right lines. You mention the text frame: I’ve added numbers as text from the Write page. That approach is inaccurate, it all depends on where I (roughly) position the number. A consistent text frame would obviously work much better. Is it possible to set up a template for new flows with a text frame that anticipates the first staff indent?

Actually, you have to draw those text frames in Engrave mode, it is not possible to “link” it to a music frame.
Your approach is perfect, and Daniel has already written in this forum that, in due course, the flow title tokens will be available more than once a page. This will solve your problem, but I do not think this feature is included in the next update…

What we call “indexed” tokens will be available in the next update, but this doesn’t automatically link the token to a particular flow. You’ll be able to type e.g. {@flow1title@}, which will get the title for the first flow, but not the flow title of the flow that happens to be “nearest” to a given box somehow.

The way I would approach this is definitely to use independent music frames for each chorale, and independent text frames next to them to contain the number or title. If I get a minute later on I’ll work up a short example showing how I would do it.

Thanks Daniel - I’d be interested to see how you do it.

I had a similar question regarding numbering of flows in an earlier post that might be of interest: