[INFO!] CMC controller/hardware controllers Cubase 7.0.6

CMC and other controllers might not work correctly after you update to Cubase 7.0.6.
Example: CMC-QC,CMC- FD controllers, AVID Artist Series, SSL Nucleus.

Example of problem is that you can’t control EQ, QUICK, sends, Faders anymore? Jumping between certain tracks are not recognized example VSTI and Audio what ever. A big mess!!!

Other stuff is that hidden tracks get ignored that its hidden in the mixer view in use of banking with the CMC FD-controller. The MIXER doesn’t sync anymore!!!?

This is how to fix this!

  1. Go to Mixer-page “Top Right!”
  2. You see a arrow down. (Functions Menu)
  3. In “Functions Menu”, down end of the list you find something called “Link Mix-consoles”
  4. Activate it!


Now it works again! If you get problems like this you can use the same trick with other hardware controllers like AVID Artist Series, SSL Nucleus and so on…

Hope it help! :wink:

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helpful bump :wink:

bump… :slight_smile:
I think more and more will notice the problems with all kinds of external hardware’s and that the mixer not sync after the 7.0.6 update.
This will solve all your problems. So that’s why I bumping it up again. :wink:

and what system would this be on as the QC is working absolutely how it should here without " linking the mixer"

I didn’t have these problems either. CMCs work (or not) as normal.

I’m just trying to help IF you do get problems. That’s all!

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Then have you thought the problem might be your system ?

JM I thought yours was packed away in a box never to be used again :question:

You missed the thread where I broke them out again for giggles and massive post count boost.

EDIT: Although with the state of C7, they are toddering on going back in the closet along with C7.

oohh hell how the hell did I miss that thread lol . I couldn’t live without the QC now , its improved my workflow one hell of a lot . Glad to hear you chiselled the dust off and warmed up the circuitry :wink:

Actually, what happened was someone was biatching about how sensitive the PD pads were when using them as F keys. I realized I had never tried that with the PD. So, I broke it out and WHALLA … awesome when used as an extended set of F keys. So, I was wondering what other “uses” I might have missed.

AI is still a mystery, bordering on a joke, to me. FD useless. TP … not faster than using a keyboard. CH … not faster than using a keyboard. QC borders on being great, but has too many shortcomings to me still. YMMV of course. And with all of the focus issues in C7, they are even more troublesome. But, I’ll keep them out a bit longer and see what happens.

Oh no, and I was just thinking of buying into the CMC’s. I mostly do audio recording (multitracking keyboard performances). And instead of running from one end of the desk to the keyboard after having hit the record button, I figured some of the CMC I could place on the Motif XF and manage the start/stop/undo record/mute track/solo track or enable/disable monitor from the CMC’s. I used Cubase IC for simple things in the past - but I was hoping I’ll get better results with the CMC (and don’t have to worry about having a wireless connection). Now I wonder which CMC would work best for that and after having read the above, if I should even go there? :confused:

Cheers, Roland

If that is the purpose then it would work great … assuming you have a long USB cable. My complaints are very specific, bordering on super picky. For general use they are great. Although, why don’t you just GR your motif controls?

EDIT: It’s not faster than a keyboard because the keyboard is sitting right in front of me. You don’t have that on a Motif. Also, there are so many DAW functions for editing that you can’t lose the keyboard. And, as long as it is sitting in front of you it will be faster. For example, if you hands are already on the keyboard, should you reach for the > key of the TP or just hit spacebar where your hand already is? I could give you a hundred examples, but the point is that I am very COMPUTER keyboard efficient. So, the CMCs don’t help me a bunch in general.

I’ll have to go with a long USB cable anyways - for the time being my set-up is not ideal :frowning: I figured I don’t use the Motif as controller as I also have a Tyros connected through the UR28M audio controller. Once done recording, I do all the mixing, track automations, etc. on the computer keyboard - for my type of work it’s two different work processes - which so far has worked out well - just wanted to have “remote control” during the recording process. :slight_smile:

Right, but you could already have that with the controls on the Motif. Is there some reason you don’t want to use the GR stuff? Not trying to talk you out of a CMC, just curious.

To be honest, I never really looked much into the GR stuff. But it’s a good suggestion - I’ll do that these days and see how that works out as an alternative. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

If it works out, it’ll save you $75 or so. So, probably worth the effort. I’m pretty sure the Motif panel has all the buttons to do all the things you listed. I don’t have one, so I could be wrong there.

Yeah, same here. All the CMC modules work fine in 7.0.6. And I have all of them.

I have them all too and all of them work perfectly with Cubase 7.0.6.

I had some small issue after the update. It didn’t work in some projects, even in new 7.0.6 projects until I found the trick that I have already shared here in this thread. Now they rock again! The CMC functionality has even improved after the update 7.0.6.

Best Regards

I can tell you Roland, I love them. :smiley:
I personal can recommend them. If you start using them you can’t work without them. :wink:

I have been working with large control surfaces in other studios too. Trust me 9 of 10 of all functions that you can do with these large consoles takes to long time or to many buttons or to complicate to do so end of the day they use the mouse and keyboard to mute a inserts, bring up the plugins and those kind of tasks anyway.

You more or less end up mixing with this $200 000 consoles with help of the hardware faders and PAN only. That’s it. :slight_smile:

CMC-Series is something else.
What I love with CMC Series is that they haven’t tried to eliminate the screens or the mouse that so many other old control surfaces is all about. Steinberg has been thinking on the modern digital studio aspects.
Let face it, the Monitors and mouse is here to stay. So CMC is there to compliment the “Songwriter/Producer” working with Cubase/Nuendo in the studio. Example transport, faders, EQ, Sends, open VST, Zoom and so on. All have its own buttons and you have many “softkeys” that you can program with your own key-commands too.

Best Regards

BTW, I tried to go there just to try it, but unless you have two consoles open at the same time, you can’t link them.

This is what’s under that menu, with only one open console: (No MixConsoles to link)