Info Line Transpose ALGO FREE

The ability to 1 click transpose audio samples up in pitch, without ALGO, meaning the sample would get smaller or larger within the project.

This could be done via the INFO LINE TRANSPOSE when MUSICAL MODE isn’t activated. Alternatively, in the drop down in the INFO LINE for the ALGO’s, there could be a NO ALGO choice. Now transposing a sample will go up/down in pitch and change size.

If there’s anything I’m overlooking please contribute.

We do get a problem of wanting this approach whilst in MUSICAL MODE. If we want to transpose a sample not maintaining the time, but relative to the project BPM correction already applied. Changing the drop down menu, would change that correction, in this case we’d have to bounce first.

Have you checked the Pitch Shift functionality in the Process menu? I think thats exactly what you want if you turn off Time Correction in the Algorithem settings. The Cubase/Nuendo offline proecessing functionality is extremly powerful and supurb. Check it out. :slight_smile:


Yes. If you read the original thread the feature request stemmed from, I specify that exact thing.

This however is feature request to seriously speed up workflow, if you’re constantly readjusting, reshaping samples. The code should be easy to implement there’s less for the transpose function to do. When pitching up/down claps, hihats, rides etc, we don’t want the algo messing with the sound and we don’t need to preserve length, it’s a 1 shot. Going into the F7 menu, for every adjustment, readjustment, is too slow.

Hmmm we are having a misapprehension here. This is not a Feaure Request this is a Bug as I assume. Apparently the bug has already been fixed at least thats how I can see it. But in older Versions it was there in deed.

Which version of Cubase have you been using. Can you please check under Help–> About Cubase, and please tell me?

After you have noted down the version to communicate it here, please download the latest 10.0.30 update from here:

So with the latest update, turning off Time Correction in the Algorithem settings of the Pitch Shift Process should work and the lenght of the samples will actually change when you pitch. :slight_smile:

Can you Confirm this?


And we still are. The thread is originally about a bug… But it was that very thread that evolved into this idea of functionality.

This was my reply in that thread

The very thing you specified. However, I continued…

:slight_smile: Ok, now I get you!!!
You want to have the functionality of the pitch process with unchecked time correction box directly in the Info Line because that is more convinient then opening the offline process dialog itself!
I was a bit confuses because of the functionlaity being already in the pitch process dialog but it was actually broken because of the bug. I now however understand that you want it in the info line and I understand what you mean!

Sorry for the inconvenience! :slight_smile:


No harm… it’s actually a good thing. Others that see the thread will have a better understanding of functionality requested.