Input Channels Not Consistently Visible, Operator Headspace or Both?

Hello friends
There are 2 input channels that I know are input channels, but evidently they don’t know they are input channels because they don’t show up in Cubase 10.5 or 11 with other input channels. Specifically (see numbered pictures):

Picture 1:
a) You can see the wayward channels (7 & 8) in the mixer at the bottom (they are the 2 grey ones next to the maroon channels and labelled Mono in 7 iPad & Mono in8 iPad)
b) You can see them at the top left in the visibility tab. I know I can click the dot to move them to the left zone and I will once everything is squared away but for now the point is they are visible in both places
c) I can’t find a way to move 7 & 8 to the “Input/Output Channels” group. I highlight them, I invoke deities from different parts of the world, I cry, I plead, I click and drag but I can’t make them move

Picture 2:
a) The wayward channels (7 & 8) do not appear in the project window. Even on that visibility tab and even when I set track type filter and visibility agent sections above to “All Tracks”
b) This is starting to feel like the audio equivalent of that scene in “Something About Mary”. You know which one I mean

Picture 3:
a) The wayward channels appear in the Audio Connections window and look to me like they are active (especially since the names I gave them here are what is in picture 1)

So, here’s what I am trying to do:

  • Make the wayward channels appear in the “Input Output Channels’” group of the mixer’s visibility tab.
  • I want the wayward channels to appear in the main project window and its associated visibility tab
  • I want the wayward channels to be maroon like the other input channels. I can’t remember how I got the other ones this color way back when and clicking the little artist palette only lets me change the color on the far left edge of the track, but I want the whole thing colored. I am sure this is easy and I will google it some more once the main issue is resolved

I fully accept this is probably operator headspace on my part and I have enjoyed spending my Sunday trying to figure this out, but it’s stopped being fun so I very much appreciate any help you might be able to give. Thank you!

I got it working and you might not believe how. I clicked the global write (that W at the top of the project window) and the wayward channels appeared. I am not kidding. Check it out:

I don’t understand at all why, but this is unambiguously true - they literally appeared when I clicked that W button. I found a thread that was related to the topic and didn’t understand the suggestion at first because I couldn’t see how it could possibly help. But then I tried it. And it did. So weird. Anyway, I included pictures to show it working and here is the link to the thread that wound up helping in case anybody else gets tangled up with this at some point - I am so confused, but it works: