Inputting Locators via keyboard not consistent.

I’ve described the problem in another thread (link below).

Basically I’m never sure when the SW will snap my left and right locators to bar when I input them via keyboard (not graphically):

Here’s the relevant description and recreation with a video of the problem at the very bottom:

I did and here’s what I found.
[Cubase 9.0.30 - Win10]
[Grid Snap is on and Set to Bar]

  1. If I set the left locator to with the grid snap to on (bar/grid).
  2. I pressed “L” which allows me to type in the position of the Left locator
  3. I type in 8 [because I want to set the left locator at 8] and enter and the locator goes to (the grid is not set to relative) NOT 8.1.1 despite the snap being on. In order to go to 8.1.1 I need to type [8] [.] [1] [.] [1]
  4. If I then push “L” again and type “10” to set the locator at bar 10.3.4 (based on my observation of the behavior above) the locator snaps to and not 10.3.4

This behavior seems inconsistent. If it is a feature, is there a way to change the behavior so that in the absence of a period the snap for keyboard input locator positions stays at the downbeat?

I’ve created a video to show you what I’m experiencing, here’s the link:


Great report and video demo. I’ll pass it on.