Left and Right locator snapping on input

Is there a way to have the input of the locator position snap to the beginning of a bar instead a relative position.

The way it works now, is if the left locator is set to 51.3.2 and I press “L” to set the left locator somewhere else and type in 75 because I want it to go to measure 75, the locator position automatically goes to 75.3.2 unless I type 75.0.0 .

When I’m setting locators, however, I generally like to have it go the the start of bars automatically unless I specifically tell it not to. That way I don’t need to look up when I’m setting the locator and can keep concentrating on the writing/typing.


Turn on ‘Snap to grid’ function on the menu bar and set it on ‘Bar’. That way your locators will always snap to the nearest full bar position.

Doesn’t that only apply for moving them graphically, with the mouse, versus typing them in or does it apply to both?


Open Cubase and try it…?!

Hah. Will do, I was not in the studio when I asked the followup. I always thought the grid applied to mouse movements and didn’t apply to keyboard location. I’ll be excited if that’s not the case.

I did and here’s what I found. Grid Snap is to Bar

  1. If I set the left locator to with the grid snap to on (bar/grid).
  2. I pressed “L” which allows me to type in the position of the Left locator
  3. I type in 8 [because I want to set the left locator at 8] and enter and the locator goes to (the grid is not set to relative) NOT 8.1.1 despite the snap being on.
  4. If I then push “L” again and type “10” to set the locator at bar 10.3.4, the locator snaps to

This behavior seems inconsistent. If it is a feature, is there a way to change the behavior so that in the absence of a period the snap for keyboard input locator positions stays at the downbeat?

I’ve created a video to show you what I’m experiencing, here’s the link:


Hej feeserface
Yes I can confirm that - it’s completely random behavior - it looks like a little buggy
I think you should report it -
Best regards