Insert Effects Per Event Region!!!

Hello, guys from Steinberg!
I have request to include Inserts per Event Region, like in Presonus Studio One 2. I find this is very useful thing, because you can insert and remove effects.
You can see that on the video presentation by Fab Dupont below:

I hope you wound implement such option in Cubase Pro 8
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Same subject, as far as i understand :

jules, I’ve read your topic, from what I understand, you want something a bit similar, in my opinion isn’t possible to cut audio event on regions while it is frozen. You can only add inserts and sends on the main track.
It’s important to be able to manipulate region, by region by inserting processors in your taste, or to remove them.
At the moment it is somehow possible, but you need to make processing, and it creates new version of the track, if you add another processor /EQ, FX, Compressor…/ it will create again new version track, but you are not able to change the parameters of the processors you were using… you need to Undo the changes, and to remove the processed tracks afterward…
Presonus did the right solution, by adding Event FX Inserts rackmount… I’m wandering what the developers of Steinberg are waiting for?!
The developer of Studio One are former developers from Steinberg, who worked on Cubase /Nuendo…

Well, to be honest studio one per-clip fx rack is ok, but with one major issue : even when clips are not actually playing, they eat cpu. You have to freeze. It’s better than nothing and i would like to have it in cubase, but magix/sek’d (samplitude) and cockos (reaper) did it better : per-clip fx rack (the samplitude object editor is the pinacle, imo), that do not eat cpu when the clip is not playing. No need to freeze. Even with efx saturated clips, it don’t play, it don’t eat cpu.
And in reaper you even can have multiple variations of a single clip with different fx chains on each variation. Handy as hell.
Want it in cubase ! :mrgreen:

Agree! Event FX are essential to a 21st century DAW, especially the most professional ones. Don’t let us stay behind. It shouldn’t be that difficult to implement.

As long as you leave CPU headroom, for those per region VST, it should be ok.

Far too many times, I have had to set up extra channels just for a bit of different effect anyways.

Question. Would this be possible with midi event regions.