Inserting a blank page with empty measures in the middle of a piece

Hello my name is Alejo. I am a Cubase 11 Pro user and I have been using the score editor intensively for my scores, at the moment I am working on an orchestral work. I am happy to be able to participate in this forum, thank you Maestro.
I have the following question: I have created my layout with the staves I need and I have hidden some staves when the instruments are not playing, I have also manually set the number of bars I need on each page. So far everything is fine, the problem is that I need to insert a page with new blank measures from page 2. Adding the page with the blank measures causes all the settings for the following pages (hidden staves, staff heights and number of bars per sheet) to be lost as page 3 becomes the settings for page 4 and so on. I’ve tried re-importing the layout but that doesn’t change anything because the layout cointains the info for the previous settings without the blank page. Is there a way to be able to insert pages with blank measures without having to adjust everything manually again? the autolayout-hide empty staves option has helped me a bit with the staves but I still have to set the number of bars per page manually page by page and it takes a long time to do this each time I insert empty measures. Is there a way to insert pages with blank bars without having to do so many readjustments? the ideal option would be to be able to insert the blank page and keep the previous pages with all the settings unchanged, but I don’t know if it is possible.

Thank you very much.

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@steve , please read the following.

In other words, using the Process Bars dialog to insert measures somewhere in the beginning of a finished score forces you to manually redo some adjustments like:
— hide staves again
— readjust staff heights
— readjust the number of bars on each of the remaining staves/systems (hardest one)

I would marry such a feature!

I think @Alejo meant “[remaining] pages”, not previous pages…

I did read the post.

In another topic of mine you asked about this post:

What I wanted to say is that using the “Process Bars” to insert bars (to have a page with empty bars) would still mess up the settings made with the “Number of Bars” dialog. I think I have a workaround for this. Just wait a little longer. I’ll be back.

So is that the feature request? To lock staves?

No. There’s no feature-request in this topic. @Alejo_Ponce is just asking for help (for a workaround).

The answer to this question of his is clearly no. But, with the help of applescript, sendmidi and cliclick I think I can make the process of readjusting the bars (on the remaining systems) more bearable.

I’m asking you if you’re making an FR. The OP in this topic was doing it wrong, and the post isn’t specific enough to make out what was going on exactly for some of what they were saying.

Anyway, I’ll leave this now.

I agree that the post is not specific enough.
Thank you for answering and sorry if I said anything wrong.

no worries. I look forward to your solution.

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