Inspector Custom Configurations

One of the key things Pro Tools has over Cubase is the ability to see tracks sends, inserts, and volume (via a pop up slider on hover) directly from the project view so you don’t need to go to the mixer very often.

Cubase has all this information in the track inspector, but you have to click the various tabs that auto open/close to see this.

If there was a way to have a custom view of the inspector (so you could create just what you want to see) and them save them as configurations (like the mixer configurations) this would solve the problem.

Unless you mean something else?


If you want to open multiple tabs at once, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click the tab to open it.

Well, you can show Sends OR Inserts while in the Project view.

  1. Show the Lower Zone (icon at top right)
  2. Select MixConsole tab (bottom zone)
  3. Select the Inserts icon or the Sends icon (bottom zone, left side)

Thanks, I didn’t know that, its very helpful

Thanks, this is helpful as this is what I was talking about, I knew I could customize the sections but I didn’t know about pinning. This gets it 80% the way to Pro Tools but because the inserts and sends sections in the inspector are so long you still have to scroll. Ideally you would be able to condense all this down into a small space to fit on 1 screen. Pro Tools condenses this into such a small space on screen (and I’m not a Pro Tools fan, I’ve been on Cubase for 20 years, just looking for this screen efficiency)

Thanks, but I don’t use the lower zone, it takes up too much real estate. I use 2 screens so the mixer is on 1 dedicated screen.


Do you prefer to have an overview of multiple tracks at once, it more detailed view of the currently selected track?

Ideally multiple tracks at once. If I want a detailed single track there is the ‘e’ edit panel, plus information in the inspector and on the mixer. This is about quickly seeing and accessing inserts and sends on the project view quickly moving between tracks.

Well, it would be very nice. Currently, there are feature requests about hiding unused slots, as the technology currently exists next door, at the mixconsole. Here’s one thread for example.

There are also requests in the vein of “widening” or “word-wrapping” the inspector. There is no precedence of this tech in Cubase, so I’m guessing it’s not a request to be implemented soon.

And then, there is the mixconsole window trick on the left, if it suits you.

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Thanks, all good suggestions. Matthias seems the closest but not sure how you make it follow the channel you are on, I have replied to his thread.

You want to activate the Preference: Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole. Then, once you select a track in the project, the mixconsole will follow.