Inspector In Lower Zone Idea - Mockup Design

:sunglasses: A mockup.

More efficient? Less mouse clicks? It shows more info at a glance?

Plus meters and volume and pan controls on the track header.

kind of a cool idea!

Looks neat!

For me the hide and seek workflow ( as I like to call it ) in the current inspector is inefficient. You can’t fit too many of the modules vertically at the same time so you’re left to continually open and close and open and close.

As you can see in the mock-up there’s room to spare arranging them horizontally. You can fit a lot of modules left to right which would almost encompass all of the inspector AND the edit Channel features as well. :slight_smile:

Looks very like Magix Sequoia 13!

Love it! Don’t forget the button to expand into full screen mode for those of us with several monitors! Basically the channel edit on steroids. You might notice that I hate hidden fold away tabs. THE Worst workflow killer IMO all in the name of a neater looking GUI


I thought I was gonna hate it when I saw the title, but you know what? I actually kind of love it. My preference would be Steinberg allowed multiple inspector tabs to be open at once and cleaned them up some, but this mockup is another cool way to solve for it by making everything available.


But I’d really like to see this happen.

I like that a lot


yeah get it done, would be a nice workflow addition

Looks great!! I like it a lot!!
Much better than the vertical inspector.
Hopefully Steinberg include this soon!!

I can definitely see myself using this a lot! +1

This is great. Very efficient. I like it

Thanks for all the support for this idea!

Bump…just because I believe in an efficient workflow :slight_smile:

that would be pretty useful actually

also would be nice to have track fader and selected insert return fader on the left of inspector. like reaper and logic X have

While this is an improvement over the current Inspector design and would be great, my strong opinion is that any kind of inspector needs many more clicks for basic things like volume, pan, inserts, sends, and a few more things as opposed to having them available directly in the track headers in a fully customizable and smart way space-wise like PT and some other DAWs. The amount of mousing and clicking that it saves is very significant.

But as far as the Inspector itself goes, this is a great idea for sure.

James: This is an excellent and incredibly useful feature request. The only addition I can think of would be reasonable sized scroll bars to the right of each section that require scrolling through an extended view. If anyone from Steinberg is reading this thread: best idea wins.