Instalation process leaves a lot to be desired

I’ve installed Halion from the download assistant, had to open it to actualy install it (hope thats correct) when it was installing I told it where to put the content (which is a seperate internal drive) when I opened cubase and installed Halion on an instrument track…no sign of any content, how do I tell Halion where it’s content is, should it not know where it’s content is from the instalation procedure? also the library manager says no libraries found…shouldn’t the halion content be there?


Did you just download the content, or did you really install it, please?

The content is in my internal disc where I told it to go so I assume it’s installed…


Do you see the *.vstsound files there, please?

Yes there are loads…

I’ve just clicked on open at the Halion 6 content in the download assistant and a window has opened saying an error occurred during opening please check the download directory specified for this product or download the product again…
what’s going on? the vst files are definately on my internal disc, is the warning refering to them?


Please forget Steinberg Download Assistant for now, if the library has been installed already.

How does it look like in the Steinberg Library Manager? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Library manager is empty…how do I attach a screenshot? can’t see anyway to do it

Ok just drag and drop, I’ve included a shot of the vst files


The correct process is following:

  • Open Steinberg Download Assistant.
  • Find the library and click Download.
    (I believe, this is what you did already.)
  • In Steinberg Download Assistant, click Open.
  • Library Registration window opens (within Steinberg Library Manager).
  • Keep “Install to Default Location” enabled, or enable Install to Path and choose your custom path.
  • Click OK.
    => The Library becomes installed and you can see it in the Steinberg Library Manager.

If I click on open in the download assistant i get the following…

During the instalation of halion when it came to the content I chose an internal disc, a different destination than the actual instrument which went to C drive…was this wrong, if so then the option shouldn’t be there during instalation…
I apreciate the help from you Martin, I apologise for being a thicko when it comes to compters…


I’m sorry, to be it looks, the SDA doesn’t download the whole content completely. Again similar to the issue you had before, the file was not complete.

Yes the file on the disc is 28.2GB, so whats happening?, I’ll try downloading again…

seems to be ok now, one thing though, the download was 30GB but the instalation files are 28.2 GB…

Still a problem though, there are 8 instrument sets in Halion, the last time i had it there was a lot more…do you know where they are? plus, how to find missing samples because some samples are missing apparently…lot hassle loading halion…

So I had a warning icon at the top of the library and aparently I’ve got to resolve unregisered libraries…how does this happen when I’ve follwed everything to the letter and how do I resolve them?


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Navigate to folder where the downloaded vstsound files are and double click any of them. This should open Library Manager and register the files.