Installed this on a Rok Box daw, but graphics 2d crash

I’ve got a graphics driver crash as well. Cubase in unusable for me now. I just installed this on a RockBox and had the Rockbox folds re-install the hardware drivers for me. It worked for a while but now it is crashing agains not to many minutes after I start Cubase. I’m on latest Cubase 11 version and Windows 10 64-bit. Attached is the crashdump file. Can someone explain why this happens after a certain period of time as opposed to right away?
Cubase 64bit 2022.5.22 (1.6 MB)

… Rockbox folks …

Are you referring to ROK BOX DAW Pro Audio Computers from PCAudioLabs?

Assuming so, an idea for troubleshooting: does the crash happen when you use Safe Mode to disable 3rd Party VST plugins?

Yes. I have the Rok Box from PCAudioLabs. I think the Safe Mode is an option when I reboot after a crash. I’ll try that. Does that basically not load any of my VSTs except the ones included in Cubase? I’m guessing if it doesn’t crash when I do this, then its a process of elimination of which VST is causing the issue? Would it only be one of the VSTs I was using in the project, or could it be any that are loaded when Cubase starts?

By the way, it was having a problem trying to load Melodyn 5.1 and gave me a couple of errors at startup and then gave up on trying to load it. Could that be the problem? I just copied that dll from another computer so maybe it need to do a proper install of that. I’ll try safe mode, then taking Melodyn out of the vst .dll directory next.

I read about Waves being associated with this crash, so you might remove that first.

But if not. use the split half method, which is faster than one-by-one.

Remove half, test
if problem can be reproduced, remove half of those
if problem can still be reproduced, remove half of those

  • if problem can’t be reproduced go to B

Remove those previously tested, move the untested half of the plugins back to their directory


See Split-Half Search | General Troubleshooting Theory | Peachpit

Thanks alot. Safe mode works. I’ll first remove Melodyn as that gave a load error on each startup. Then I’ll either do the binary split method which I am familiar with, or start with older plugs. BTW, is there a way to forst the safe mode option on start even if you did crash the previous session?

yes, see cubase safe mode

so far it seems to be the Melodyn plugin. If so, I can’t believe I made such a rooky mistake. I got the msg it failed to load every time I launched Cubase so you would think I would at least try to eliminate that possibilitiy. Hopefully that is the problem and I just need to do a fresh install of Melodyn.

Heh. Luckily I have never experienced this thing you refer to as “mistake”. It sounds unpleasant, from what you’re saying.

I hope someday I will understand this experience you speak of. :crazy_face:

The real unpleasantness happens when you repeat the same mistake twice.

Don’t sweat it… there’re really too many details for humans to keep track of.

I’m still getting the failure. Are you from Steinberg and can you read the dump file and tell what it is failing on?

I’m not from Steinberg, but anyone can decipher the dump file using WinDbg, though it doesn’t always give a meaningful result.

In the dump file you uploaded in your original post, the crash was in graphics2d.dll, but it seems you already know this form what you were saying in your OP:

If you upload your other .dmp files, I’ll run them through WinDbg if you don’t feel like installing it.

What was the result of your split-half test?

I see this rockbox has only 8GB ram (minimum of 16GB is recommended) ?
When you load some vsti you’ll need more ram
the powersupply is also a bit small.
That could be the culprit.
Only crashing with cubase ?

Maybe you can contact the shop ?

Sorry you don’t have the right specs for my machine and it is only Cubase.

What are the specs?