Instrument Filter Issues: Selection and input notes/items

Hi there,
As has been pointed out previously (cf. A collection of Instrument Filter issues) , there are issues with the behavior of caret and notes/items selection when Instrument Filter is active.
The video below demonstrates these. Note the “Ottavino 2” stave hidden by the Instrument Filter.

  • When selecting notes/items, pressing the up or down arrow key toward staves hidden by Instrument Filter, the selection disappears. Actually, the note/item in the hidden stave is selected then.
  • When pressing the up or down arrow key while the caret is displayed, the same thing happens. But when a caret is moved to a hidden stave, the display moves significantly.
  • When pressing Shift + up or down arrow key to extend the caret through hidden staves, the notes/items will be entered in that staves as well.

Are there any plans to resolve these?

We’re certainly aware of these issues, but we’re not actively working on them right now. I agree that in an ideal world both the navigation routines and the caret extension/navigation features should be aware of instrument filters, and we will address these issues at some point.


Thanks for the reply. Instrument Filter is very helpful, but I am struggling to edit these discontinuous staves.
As I’m sure you know, even before the Instrument Filter feature was added, not being able to temporarily hide multiple instruments like this (especially when working on pre-Romantic orchestral works; some works need a large number of different tonal instruments in clarinet, horn, and trumpet) is inconvenient.
I would like to know if there is a solution to this problem (except for the workaround of only having one instrument per player for input only), and if it is functionally unsolvable, I hope it will be improved in an update.