Instrument following Chord track when it shouldn't be.

Hi, Got Trilian on an instrument track with follow chord track switched off in the inspector but Trilian keeps playing even though there is no midi on the track,
this is happening on all other instrument tracks…when follow chord track is switched off in the inspector.

this has never happened before so I’m wondering if it’s something to do with CB11 or if it’s me being stupid…again, cause I’m not that good with the workings of puters or DAW’s…bit thick really :laughing: :unamused:


By default, Chord Track’s settings is to “Use Monitor Track” to play the chord. Moreover, by default, any track becomes monitored, when you select it. So once you select any track, it becomes the Monitor Track for the Chord Track.

Mute the Chord Track, if you don’t want to send the data to any track, please.