Instrument names in German version

Hi Daniel,

after we got back the key commands for the German version, I started to look through the 1.0.30 update and found out, that all the instrument names are English again (at least on Windows). You do have some German beta testers, do you? :astonished:


Sorry, I forgot, that I did a fresh installation of Dorico. Therefore the instruments names are back to English again, which leads me to the question, if the instrument names shouldn’t by default match the system language (if available)?
In the German instrument list there are a lot of empty instruments especially at the beginning of the Brass list.
It looks very funny, that the transpositions are now indicated as e.g. “E Be” instead of “Es” and “F Kreuz” instead of “Fis”. I assume, that this is a list very much in progress?


I believe most of the instrument names are translated, but some of the very recently added ones new in 1.0.30 such as the various new horn transpositions etc. may well show names in English. This is not a bug but rather a reflection of the fact that we are making changes to Dorico more quickly than our localisation team can keep up. (The same team is handling localisation for all of our products, so they have had major new versions of Cubase and HALion and their respective manuals to work on as well as Dorico.)

The next update coming in the spring should have a more complete set of localisations for all languages. I’m afraid that there will likely be a lag between the English and localised versions for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your answer, Daniel. That what I’ve exprected. Normally all items, which haven’t been translated yet, are displayed in English, but in the Instrument list, there are a lot of instruments with no names now (see picture)?!
empty instrument list.png

Hi HeiPet :slight_smile:

bei mir funktioniert alles korrekt, habe allerdings ein Update gemacht.

I have the same problem after updating from 1.0.20 to 1.0.30 and inserting any player/instrument in the German version. But I think, no instrument is missing - scroll down in the lists or search for instrument and you’ll find the instruments.
The difference between English and German version is, that there are no empty entries at the beginning of the English instruments lists.
In my opinion it is a problem of incorrect indexing or linking of entries in the instrument table in the german version.
Following instrument groups are affected in the german version:
“Gestimmte Perkussion”,

@Dorico-Team: could you please check this?

I’ve had a look at the German-language version myself here and I’m not seeing any empty entries in any of those families. Could you attach a screenshot for me?

That’s what I already did. See my last post above.

Sorry, Heiko, I missed that. Is this the case in all projects, or only existing ones?

In all cases.

Could you please zip up your userLibrary.xml file from %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico and send it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de? Also worth temporarily moving that file out of the way and then restarting Dorico to see if that helps.

There is no such file (see picute).

The plot thickens. Could you send me the file instrumentnames_de.xml from %PROGRAMFILES%\Steinberg\Dorico\l10n?

Just mailed the file to you.

Hi Heiko,

Daniel and I talked about this issue this afternoon and we think that some of the instruments that have been added or amended since the last round of translation may have been missing from the localised instrument name files. (Note: they will still appear in English, but at least they won’t be blank!) :wink:

Could you try replacing your instrumentnames_de.xml file with the one inside this zip file? (14 KB)
Let us know if that works!

Hi Ben & Daniel,
I just tried your new (attached) file - in my opinion after a short check this works. There are no blank entries left in all groups!
Thanks, Wolfgang.

Hi Ben and Daniel,
checked as well and the empty lines are gone. Thanks for taking your time to look into this!
English instrument names are o.k. until the localization steps forward.


Great - thank you for confirming that!

The first phase of the translation process is underway right now, with another round due before we release 1.1, so you should find Dorico has a lot fewer English strings in the next update.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Where on the Mac do I need to put the file instrumentnames_de.xml?

See Ben’s general announcment on the top of this forum
(=first Topic “Key commands/keyboard shortcuts in German Dorico 1.0.30”)!