Instrument names in parts

Can anyone tell me how to get the instrument names to appear in the parts?

Right now I’ve done it manually by typing them into a text frame in each part, but I suspect they’re supposed to appear automatically. Is there something I don’t know about it?

Thanks much.

You might probably want to go in Setup mode, click on the arrow > on the left of the instrument you want to name on the left column, and notice that it “opens” a line under that. If you click on the little arrow > that is at the end of this new line (with the instrument named again), you will be able to edit the instrument, thus give it a name and a short name.
Then in the layout options (cmd-shift-L on mac, ctl-shift-L on PC) you select the Staves and systems page, and there you choose what should appear in each layout.

Hope this helps :wink:

Yes, I’ve seen that. But how do I get those names to appear in the parts? They appear in the score, but not in the parts.


I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clearer—my bad.

Unless I’m completely misunderstanding, what you’re describing, Marc, puts the instrument name at the beginning of the first staff in the music itself.

I’m talking about the customary practice of putting the instrument name above the first staff, on the left margin, at about the same height as the composer/arranger information.

It’s lower than the title/subtitle and higher than the music. I’m beginning to think it isn’t possible because there’s no token for it.


IIRC that is not possible yet.

OK. Hope someone’s adding it to a list. :slight_smile:

This has already been treated, I recall. And Daniel said it would be an improvement for next updates. An automatic (like with tokens) subtitle with the instrument in the different layouts. Sorry for the misunderstanding :wink:

I have Dorico showing instrument names in parts. Or do you mean something different?
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.20.35.png

Yes, that is exactly what I mean. How did you make it happen?


I don’t think I did anything. It was just there…

Are you familiar enough with Engrave mode yet to look at it and see if there’s anything in that spot on the page that would indicate how it got there?

A second question would be, that looks like a choral part—have you gotten the same results in an instrumental part?

I’ve not yet played around much with the engrave mode, so I wouldn’t kow where to look at. Happy to get some hints though :wink:

I added an instrument (clavichord) to test it, and it’s the same as with the vocal part:
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 14.32.24.png

It looks like this in engrave mode:
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 14.34.11.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 14.34.18.png

Would it be too much trouble to ask you to go to the Engrave mode, looking at that Bass part you posted above, and send a screenie of what the page looks like?

Thanks much.

Sorry—your screenies popped up just as I hit Submit.

Thanks very much.

Pleasure. Does it help?

Yes, it helps tremendously—you’ve given me something to work on. I had never considered using the LayoutName token.

Thanks VERY much!

At first glance, that solves the problem—I really appreciate it. I wasn’t looking forward to entering the names of every instrument in a full concert band score!

I found that my document was using the Default Score Master Page for the parts as well. (Is that assigned as a default by mistake, or did it result from my importing the score as XML?) If I choose (assign) the Default Part Master Page to my part(s), the Layout Name is automatically part of the layout.

Default Parts are used for Part Layouts, and Default Full Score for the Full Score layout. And that’s by default for me. I tried it with a new score too. And I haven’t changed any of the settings when it comes to this.
default part.png
default full score.png