Instrument tracks that just stop working... unless soloed

Hi all,

I’ve had a recurring in Cubase for quite a long while now. (Certainly before C8 but I’m not exactly sure when it started).

Every now and again an instrument track will stop working unless it is soloed. Closing re-opening the project won’t help. There is nothing I can do to “revive” the tracks. (Turning the instrument on/off, removing all insert plugins etc etc). Duplicating the track doesn’t resolve the problem. It seems something is getting corrupted and stays corrupted.

It just happened in the C8 project I was working on.

Does anyone else ever have this happen to them?



It’s happened to me where I’ve had mute automation somewhere on the track, or a group to where the vsti has been routed - it seems like cubase needs a few seconds to ‘de-chase’ the automation. Has happened in all iterations of cubase for me.

Yes I’ve had this many times.

Me too. No apparent reason.

yes, I also often get this (with c7 too) when previewing instruments from the mediabay. can you post this to the issues forum?

I have seen that too.

Unfortunately I have also experienced this. At first I thought it was maybe a bridge problem as I first experienced it with Sylenth1, but then 64bit plugs started doing it and it is so frustrating. End up making a patch and having to remake it again because everything gets lost.

Seen this many times.

One way I’ve seen it happen more often is to duplicate an instrument with Kontakt in it. The duplicated track is often silent unless soloed.

I wonder if its because there are mutes / solo’s in place when duplicating the track, and Cubase just screws up the logic? There has been some strange mute / solo states for years - especially when groups and folders are involved.

Yes, I can confirm when this happens, in most cases Kontakt will be involved. Not sure if it’s Kontakt itself, or the fact it is multi-output. I don’t really use other multi-output VST’s so it’s harder to tell.

I’ve had it happen with Halion Sonic in Cubase 7.5. Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s seen this happen. Each time it occurred it was absolutely mystifying, because I could never track it back to any action I’d performed in the project. I work around it by just creating a new track and copying the MIDI clips over to it, then delete the broken track.

I had this happen. It was related somehow to the generic remote, but I couldn’t figure out any more than that.

That’s a pretty bizarre connection, I’d really like to know more.

Thanks everyone for the confirmations!

Can a mod move this to the issues forum or do I need to make a new post there?



And it is happening again in a new Project. As someone posted above, Cubase seems to get confused about mute/solo states of instruments in folders.

In this case I moved the instrument track out of the folder and then back in and it started playing again.

Can Steinberg please look into this?




This has definitely been a recurring problem for a while now…i think maybe even 7.5 had this. Anyway, i found a quick way to fix it when you just want to keep going: create a midi only track right below the offending instrument track, assigned to the problem vst instrument and for some reason it ‘resets’ the instrument.
In my setup at least, when i create a midi track below the instrument it auto-assigns to the instrument above, so it’s pretty much an instant fix. then i just delete the midi track and keep going.

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c7.5 definitely suffers from this issue.

i will try your fix, thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try this next time the problem occurs.


By the way, there is another variation on the problem and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced it: MIDI clips on an Instrument track don’t play. The track being soloed or not doesn’t change anything. The weird thing is that if I open a MIDI clip in the track and press the piano keys with the mouse, the instrument plays but all the MIDI notes within the clip are not played.

Has anyone else experienced this?