Instrument Tracks & VST Tracks with mutiple outputs share track name with channel 1 output

When creating either an Instrument Track or VST Track with multiple outputs (mono or stereo), Channel 1 output name always appears the same as the track name.
Change the track name, and Output Ch# 1 changes to same.
Change the Output Ch#1 name, and track name changes to same.
Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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No that’s how it is supposed to work The Track name is always used for the VSTi’s main output. This is independent of whether the Track uses multiple outputs or not.

Yes this is a little bit annoying. Especially on multi out drums, this needs to be changed.
@Tony.G do you want to add the feature request tag to the post?

I agree it is annoying on multiout drums. I see this using sd3. I live with it until I render and then rename.

Thanks raino, I figured that was likely the case, but you confirmed it. IMO, this doesn’t make sense, especially if configured for mono output. My work around is to simply ignore Ch#1 output and start my assigned outputs at Ch#2 moving forward. I consider this both annoying and an oversight in Cubase.
Now back to making music… :grinning:

If a “request tag” is a method of sharing bug with Cubase developers then yes, a request tag is needed.

I know its dumb, but I made the experience when tagging issues like these as “issue” a mod will change that back to a FR saying, that this is intended lol.

As said by Raino above, this is not a bug. And this issue has been mentioned many times here.

I think the best thing to do is add this as a Feature Request. However also suggest this be an option in preferences so the user gets a choice. Due to the way it has always worked, I doubt Steinberg would just change this behavior.

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I suspect the rational is that any audio producing Track which exists in the Project Window should always have a corresponding Channel in the MixConsole with a matching name.

But it really should be something that can be overridden. Say you have an Instrument Track named “String Trio” and it has 3 Outputs enabled. You’d like those to be named

  1. Violin
  2. Viola
  3. Cello

But instead you’re forced to use

  1. String Trio
  2. Viola
  3. Cello

Or change the Track name to “Violin” which is not a good choice because it has the MIDI for all 3 instruments.

It should be tagged as a feature request

@Tony.G would you mind tagging this thread as a feature request?