Integration Between Cubase and Dorico

Very Long overdue Feature request, Just thought I’d post for someone else who’s payed over a thousand dollars just for software of the same company that doesn’t integrate it’s softwares like others that do it for half the price. To be clear, I Love both Cubase and Dorico. I actually love them so much i tried other softwares for a year and fell in love with the idea of integrating between scoring and producing, Being a concert music composer, but my heart wasn’t in the right place as when i was using Cubase and Dorico… I really love the level of thought and taste put into both these great tools. Just putting them in one shed, makes them just truly one of the greatest, if not The greatest.

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+1 It has to happen. A Steinberg Eco integrated system is somthing we all want to see


So you may be interested in reading this then:

Read it many times. Still nothing changed. And waiting for a developer to retire in order to integrate two great softwares is a bit too selfish in my honest opinion. And no one is saying anything about Cubase’s Score Editor, I don’t want to start another argument about why it doesn’t work. But thanks for sharing.