intel I7 and motherboard

I thinking of getting rid of my AMD phenom ii x4 asus system and going down the intel road.i fancy the i7 and scan computers is 10 mins in the car from me so i will be mainly getting my parts from them.they do ready to go systems but these are pointless as i have half the parts already and very expensive!

hears my bits to keep

Fractal Design Define R3 Computer Case
stronger 600 watt psu
320 ssd and 1tb hdd
16gig ram
Thermalright Archon cooling system works with both intel or amd

my pc is as fast as i can get it to be and stable with tweeks and settings and not being on the internet with it helps no end…
but i have to keep changing my buffer sizes when tracking.i find it better ingeneral to do this outside the main project.i record at 48hz 32 foating point by the way.
for e.g i burn my drums and bass to a stereo track and import that to a new project to record my guitars then mix then down mono and take them back over to my mix project at 1024 and add compression and eqs ect…then burn a stereo of that take it to another project to do vocals and backings…
its getting a bit frustraighting so i was concidering trying an intel system…either an i5 or i7.

could any of you lot share your opinions on what motherboard would be best gigabyte or asus and share you systems with me,also clocking the intel cpu good or bad idea? will i see a diffrence with an intel cpu or not much…im realy stuck and need some help.alls i wana do is get the best from Cubase 6 64 bit and although my system is pretty good its still hold me back.


Reconsider the i7. The only difference between i7 and i5 is hyperthreading, which is unsupported for Cubase. Could save you quite a few bob :slight_smile:

HI Strophoid

I was considering an i5

heres what scan sugested i went for.
they did say that all their audio pcs are i7’s but like you said and i read all over the web cubase doesnt suport hyperthreading?

:::sigh::: always having to fight the mis-information…

  1. HT absolutely works and is a great benefit to Cubase
  2. the 2500 sucks compared to the 2600.
    copied from what i just posted on GS

2500 vs 2600 (ht vs not)

the only difference in these aside from the 100MHz and the whopping 2meg cache added is HT.

the 2500 vs 2600 difference is massive
if i recall the 2500 performed around the same as the older 750.
i cant find my numbers but here is some from Pete @ scan bcak from last jan.
and is pretty much at the 750 area…

2500k @ stock

32 = 99
64 = 124
128 = 146
256 = 168

2500k @ 4.0OC

32 = 120
64 = 135
128 = 170
256 = 192

compared to the 2600… (my numbers)

32 183
64 191
128 214
256 212

32 261
64 270
128 306
256 332

even stock the 2600 kills the 2500 by nearly double.
hmmm looks like HT makes a big difference.

Thanks for the info JC i will look into this further.

lots of people running c6 say the i7 is a fine cpu scan did say the i7 would out perform the i5 and as for hyperthreding
it would be fine to use it…

just to add i dont think i would have it clocked…not sure what to do on that one?

Scan offers the option for over clocking
it 100% safe when done correctly so ask Pete.

thanks jc will do i got a feeling they wont build the board up for me and set it up…

idealy if they could fit the cpu to the board and the Thermalright fan and heat sync they could clock it for me…i’ll have to ask…i dont know if they will or not?

i bought the thermal (from scan) last week its still in the box untouch so they might do this…not sure i’ll have to ask on that. :question:

then i can build up the rest and install windows and drivers ect myself.

That wasn’t misinformation. Chris said HT is not supported. I didn’t say it wouldn’t make a difference.

that dont make it right info…

Hmm… The knowledge Base article on Hyper threading seems to have vanished?

Yeh the link is still in the daw components part but just leads here

follow up from yesterday JC i spoke with scan they are more than happy to build the board and clock the i7 for me,
they said it would be around 40 quid to do it.

i was saving up for a uad but the pc has to do its job better so guess this is the way to go.

HI can any one shed light on what is better for cubase 6 the 2600 k, i 7 compared to the 2600 ( with out k) i 7 , whats the k for any way ??
and what SSD is the best in regard to the defrag issue ?? also i was looking to get 1 TB, 2 nos western Digital Hard drives with SATA / 6 interface with 64 mb cache RAM , for the Vsti and the 2nd drive for Audio rendering … some say use SSD for Vsti, but thats an expensive option considering the costs of higher capacities SSD/s …right now i want to use a 300 Gb SSD for the OS i.e win 7 x 64… also i want to go in for Asus M/ board 4 the i 7 2600 … why is that the Asus AMD M/ board have latest features , like Sata/6 gb/s and USB 3 etc , and is cheaper , while thier AMD Intel M/boards lack higher features and are more expensive??? makes me think of going AMd , with its cheaper LLano 4 cores ??? any suggestions welcome…
thanks sam

Hi Sam

the 2600 k is unlocked and overclockable…u can clock them to something like 4.7
I bought the the asus board I posted up earlyer in this thread…and the i7 2600k i have had it professionaly clocked buy scan to 4.5 along with my thermal heatsync and fan with 16 gig ram…system is great I built it up and installed windows installed drivers runs beautifully…i havent installed cubase or anything yet as my damb heatsync fan is a touch to big for the case to close so im of to scan tomorrow to see if I can get away with just a fan not a full sync and fan change…

As for ssd’s I use one for op sys and hdd for audio and vsts sound banks…works like a charm for me…

As soon as im up and running I will post again and let u know how she runs…

Their is a comparison chart on the scan site with all the cpus amd Intel ect clocked i7 and stock all at diffrent buffer sizes make for an interested read…i couldnt find it im on my phone at the moment. im sure if your on a pc you can find it…check it out.

Hey thanks , thas was good info , OC voids warranty right ?? or thats what i read… well i made a small mistake , what i was asking was i5 2500 compared to i7 2600 … … is it better to use the SSD for win 7 OS ?? or for Vsti/s ??? but Vsti/s are vast in GB/s TB /s now and so hardware expensive @ the moment … i was thinking like to get max performance , 1 x 80 Gb SSD for OS only , 1 x SSD 250 or 500 GB for programme files , 1 X 2 TB audio rendering , 1 X 1 TB for Vsti/s all SATA /6 interface , so its a well shared load … also what happened to the USB boost that was there in Vista , where u can plug a usb storage some were double the capacity of the RAM , gave more performance , what i read… also will puting a cheaper 1 gb PCie grafix card reduce the CPU strain , and use that extra saved for C6 and its utilities??? will 2 X 22 " TFT tax the CPU , or instead have 1 X 32 " TFT … and lastly what is the best cost effective , C 6 , compatible, future upgradable chipset ( dont want to Wait for the really neewest Chipset Not yet out ) and which Only ASus Mother Board model would you guys recomend…)
i am quite ok with hardware , but have special considerations for my studio pc , as always…
makes sense any one Please ??? comments ???

Seriously Google my motherboard and read up about it! It has very latest bios also has its own usb boost update from asus site…i7 vs i5 please checkout the scan comparison chart I mention in my last post and you can see for yourself…yes the i7 is more money but if you want performance its your best bet/veryworth it!

I have radeon saffire 5450 PICe graffics card when I was building my pc I decided to leave it out and see what the onboard graffics were like…for me they are perfect for my needs…i wont be fitting my card as I dont use the video side in cubase and all I will do is use the pc as a daw…so no power drain for me.

Also scan warrant the i7 oc (if they do it themselves) thats why im hoping I can change just my fan for warranty issue if not they will have to change heatsync and fan and carry out checks.

Ssd for your op system can speed up your windows 7 something like 60% mine boots up in something like 20 seconds (guess) its quick! I would say if your going to use three one for your op one for your vsti samples and one for audio fair play might be quicker…but im happy with my ssd and hdd setup.My samples are on my hdd along with my cubase projects.

Im hoping I can get it sorted the next few days so I can finish my setup and do some testing so I cant tell you much about how it runs cubase should kick ass to be fair!

Edit been to scan bought a smaller 120mm fan they said its fine to use it so its sorted now I can close my pc up. im sat next to it running now…its quiet! Gonna spend some time setting up and install cubase and vstis jbridge and see how it runs.

I just sold my pro40 on ebay and ordered a liquid saffire so waiting on that tomorrow so cant realy test it yet.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thankx what is Pro 40 ??
, i shall check out ur m/board speks … looks like my research is finilazing … just been reading this

Intel Smart Response twins the performance and responsiveness of an SSD with the cost-effective storage of a hard disk. It’s a RAID technology, and effectively makes an SSD a large cache for the hard disk where frequently accessed data can be stored and fetched very quickly. As the SSD is a cache for commonly accessed data, it doesn’t need to be particularly large, and therefore doesn’t need to cost a lot. For example, Intel has launched its 20GB Solid-State Drive 331 drive to be used with Smart Response.
does your m/board support this …??? and why m/board yet still use RAM slots , when they can use flash RAM instead og Pin RAM???cheaper now right ?? apologies but my final questain may be i am on the wrong board here , will C 6 support 2 sound cards??? I have the Edirol 101 USB , and the Delta 66… wish it works together … and thanks again…

Yes it does

Pro 40 is an audio interface by focusrite.

As for using two audio cards/interfaces I supose this is possible if you used asio4all driver.
Why do you want to to that Sam?

Hi andyath , 2 sound cards more in/s more outs , i dont do many tracks @ a time , but routing our for external processing , to get closer to a hardware mixer , i wish cubase had a mixer like reason 5 where you can see the back , switch/ Route cables etc…
well pls can u post your M/board+ SSD model nr … so u can use the usb boost ( Pen drive Flash ), + say a 10 Gb SSD as Intels latest SSD cache technology , and ur SSD OS Drive, u, u will have a rocking kick A** PC…
whats the capacity n make, n price of the OS SSD u use ???
( I was told they still have a short life , n some defrag issues??) the sites there r confusing , too many models , specks , i dont want to wait much longer , get down to the basics and get started making music…

Also scan warrant the i7 oc (if they do it themselves) yes who can tell if a processor failed due to OC … makes sense…
all i need now is to research Cpu cooling options…

Hey Sam

forgive the late reply mate been having some problems with my new focusrite… :frowning: :imp: :astonished:
poor firewire conection problems not my pc acting up i have been reading about other peoples issues with it so its going back tomorrow.


you should be able to find my board hear

ssd hear

i did see other cheeper ssd’s at the time i was looking for mine to be fair you should look around before just getting what i have…go for what fits your needs.

anyways hope this helps

Sure helps thanks man … will check it out , sorry 2 hear about the Focusrite … but u wil get a replacement … I have the Ediro UA -101 24/192 … io think focusrite has built in DSP … thats the last i need 4 my small studio , tyen i m done …but they r exp[ensive … do u use one ???