Hi Steinberg

I started out using Cubasis 2 on my iPad Pro 11" IOS 14.6. - now Cubasis 3.3.1, IOS 14.7.1

I am using Cubasis with different Inter-App-Audio apps for guitar - Amplitube, BIAS FX and Mobile Pod.

Over all with these guitar apps I must say the functionality of the Inter-App-Audio is somewhat disappointing.

The connection to the free Mobile Pod did work some times but very randomly and unreliable. I was then advised to purchase the full Mobile Pod package and Cubasis 3 and now it does not work at al. It is still available in the Insert Effects field Inter-App-Audio and choosing Mobile Pod will load the app but no connection is made.

Regarding the other two apps you have to shut down and reload Cubasis, remove the AmpliTube, BIAS FX apps from the Inter-Apps field and reinsert them over and over again - every time you have closed the Cubasis app.
What to do?

I did purchase Cubasis 3 through the Apple App Shop. How do I register the purchase with Steinberg. I cannot find any activation code?

Hi @QuBiQuiQ,

Thank you for your message.

Audio Unit comes with separate limitations, which we’ve tried best to summarise in our dedicated Limitations of Audio Unit article.

Several years ago Apple introduced Audio Unit support for iOS, which provides much more flexibility and can be seen as their successor of Inter-App Audio (which no longer is maintained by Apple).

Firstly I’d suggest to get in touch with the 3rd party app vendors, to ask them about their plans to release AU versions of their plug-ins. Alongside, it might make sense to browse the app market for AU compatible guitar effect plug-ins.

In regards to register Cubasis, please open the in-app shop and follow the steps to unlock the free RoomWorks SE reverb plug-in , which works via registering the app.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes
& stay well,