InterApp not working in Cubasis 3

I’m interested in whether others have encountered this, but I am having problems recording from other apps into Cubasis 3, using both the Inter Apps as well as Audiobus. I can hear the sound of the external app, but it doesn’t record into Cubasis 3–the track remains empty. I wonder if there is something simple that I am doing wrong. Background audio is set to on, so that is not the problem.

Hi jenswilkinson,

So far we are unaware of issues in regards to IAA and Audiobus.
Please note that we’ve released Cubasis 3.2 this morning.

If the problem persists, please double check if it could be released to the 3rd party plug-in in use. If not, please provide us with a detailed bug report, to allow us reproducing the problem.


I have the very same problem. Some of interapp tracks do not play, sometimes play. There is no change in adjustments but it happens mostly. The normally played interapp tracks never be a problem but the other problematic interapp tracks always cause problem and do not play. But rarely play???

Hi @Kubilay,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the forum.

Inter-App Audio comes with many limitations and Apple has released Audio Unit support quite a while ago, which can be more or less seen as their successor to IAA.

To learn more, please have a look at our dedicated Limitations of Inter-App Audio article. Algonside, we recommend to use Audio Unit apps where possible, which provide much more flexibility.

In this regard, please see how easy it is to use AU instruments and effects plug-ins with Cubasis in our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,