Interface problem with WaveLab

I have reported this on the WaveLab forum. PG recommended that I report it here aswell. So here goes nothin’…

There is a problem that, as far as I can tell, only occurs with Yamaha badged plug-ins (sold by Steinberg). If a plug-in window covers any part of the waveform displays and the scroll button on the mouse is used to make settings, the waveform display beneath scrolls aswell! The problem occurs (at least) in the following plug-ins:
Vintage Open Deck
Vintage Phaser
Vintage Flanger
RND Portico 5033
RND Portico 5043
Compressor 260

I haven’t seen this problem with any non-Yamaha Steinberg plug-ins, nor any third-party ones. Furthermore, the problem does not occur in Cubase 7.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try WL or WLE on a Windows computer, so I don’t know if this problem is cross-platform or Mac only.

I purchased the Portico plugins at Christmas and testing on my iMac (OSX 10.9) I noticed this issue as well.

I also notice no responses on your observations.

Has this been raised directly with support? Could this be a Wavelab issue and not a Plugin issue?


Perhaps you and I are the only ones reading this part of the forum.

You’ll find the original posting here:

Don’t expect any help though. It’s my impression that Steinberg doesn’t care about this bug.

It’s definitely a WaveLab issue. The problem does not occur in Cubase.

Thanks for the further response Svenne.

I guess given the cost of RND Portico theres a much reduced user base to elicit any comments from.

I suspect this would have to be raised direct to Steinberg via a submission other than just in the forum. I see from your link that PG the developer on Wavelab has provided some input so at least his now aware of the issue but whether it can be fixed directly within Wavelab itself may be the issue.

I’m using an apple trackpad and it appears to me that both the plugin and WL appear to react to the pointer although I suspect one reads it first but it doesn’t stop the control passing through to the second program. I’d suspect its the plugin as its the window I’m working in when the problem occurs.

Its also interesting that is only the Yamaha plugins this has been noticed on which may indicate its a programming standard employed by the Yamaha programers. This is the problem with multi-national/multi brand groups you’re never sure where to pitch the problem.