Problems with the Mac interface

I have found two problems with the Mac interface in both WaveLab & and WaveLab Elements 8, that needs be addressed.

  1. It is possible to move pug-in windows in under the Mac OS menu bar! This isn’t allowed under the Mac interface “rules”. If on happens to let go of the mouse button, it’s stuck there. It can’t be moved in any way, since the window-header is hidden. The only way to get it unstuck is to shut down or restart the plug-in (or all plug-in if the tabbed plug-in window is used) in which case all settings are lost.

  2. The second is a problem that, as far as I can tell, only occurs with Yamaha badged plug-ins (sold by Steinberg). If a plug-in window covers any of the waveform displays and the scroll button on the mouse is used to make settings, the waveform display beneath scrolls aswell! The problem occurs (at least) in the following plug-ins:
    Vintage Open Deck
    Vintage Phaser
    Vintage Flanger
    RND Portico 5033
    RND Portico 5043
    Compressor 260
    All of which are commonly used in mastering.

I haven’t seen this problem with any non-Yamaha Steinberg plug-ins, nor any third-party ones. Furthermore, the problem does not occur in Cubase 7.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use WL or WLE on a Windows computer, so I don’t know if any of these problems are cross-platform or Mac only. Perhaps a Windows user can help out by trying this out. Demos of the plug-ins can be downloaded from the Steinberg site.

These problems need to be addressed (especially number one) a.s.a.p.

I can confirm #1. In fact it was in issue in WL7 too… definitely a pita. As you suggest closing/reopening the project is the only way I’ve found to move the plug window once it’s up there.

There is an easy solution for #1, just pass in full screen mode.

For #2, do you have a screenshot?


As far as I know, the MacOS don’t have a Full Screen mode as Windows. The other windows (Workspaces, dialogs, etc) adhere to Apples rules. Only the plug-in windows “breaks” the rules. Wouldn’t it be better if WL & WLE adhered to Apples rules?

No, I don’t. It wouldn’t help anyway. To show it would would require a screen move which, in turn, requires that I track down special software. It’s easier to replicate the problem.

  1. Open any audio file and zoom on so that the waveform is scrollable
  2. Open of one of the Yamaha plug-ins (RND Portico, Vintage series, etc.).
  3. Place the plug-in window so that it covers any of the waveforms.
  4. Use the scroll-wheel on an appropriate mouse to move any knob. This also scrolls the waveform underneath.

As far as I know, the MacOS don’t have a Full Screen mode as Windows

Activate this in menu Workspace > Full screen view

What I mean, is that if you have a menu out of reach, switch temporarily to this mode, to grab the plugin.

  1. Use the scroll-wheel on an appropriate mouse to move any knob. This also scrolls the waveform underneath

This means the plugin does not grab the wheel event. You should better report this elsewhere, maybe

It works, in a pinch. However, one has to be very quick. In about a second, the menu-bar folds down and covers the plug-in windows header. I still claim that this should be fixed, since it violates Apples GUI rules.

It does. Both the knob and the waveform moves (scrolls).

I will. However, since the behavior does not show up in Cubase, I feel it is a compatibility issue with WL & WLE.

I also have noticed this issue Phillipe, posting my original observations on Svennes post in the Plugin forum under Portico.

Not sure from the posts so far whether you are indicating this is a Mac only problem.

When I get a few minutes Ill try and see if this occurs on my WIn7 64bit machine as I have WL8 and Portico plugins installed on that as well.