Introducing Dorico for iPad, available now

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Dorico for iPad, a brand new app that you can download for free from the App Store right now.

For more information, please check out the Dorico blog (where you can also find the behind the scenes story of how the app was made).

You can also find more information on the Steinberg web site.

To download Dorico for iPad, go to the App Store.


Since it was out early (thank you app store) - I managed to start testing it about an hour ago and made a review on reddit, however since I really hope Steinberg gets to see it, let me post it here as well - since I really think it can be fantastic and make me switch off StaffPad INSTANTLY but it needs two small updates IMO:

I downloaded it and gave it a really quick test (like 15 minutes quick) - but I do hope this feedback makes it to the devs somehow

On first sight, it looks like it can pretty much do everything you’d expect from a properly equipped notation software mobile or otherwise - from a composer point of view, probably don’t want to do heavy duty engraving on this - except the obvious ones like using huge VSTs (though this is addressed in other ways)

I only have 2 immediate gripes with it that for me don’t really make it any better or worse than comparable software - and since these two gripes are related to note input, it kind of makes the thing as a whole less usable - though I don’t see how they could easily be fixed in an update so here goes my honest feedback:

  1. Bluetooth MIDI support - my Kawai ATX3 system can connect with Bluetooth and provide wireless midi input without latency on my ipad - some other software has support for this for a long time now so leaving it out of Dorico while providing cabled MIDI seems like a bit of an oversight

  2. Using an apple pencil to position notes would be an immense productivity booster over using the on-screen keyboard when on-the-go, it keeps you focussed on the bar and not having to jump around visually on the screen (just dragging the notes around is sufficient, no need for any crappy handwriting recognition that just slows you down)

Bluetooth midi does work - there’s just no way within Dorico of initiating contact with the keyboard. Try doing whatever you normally do within whichever app to get the keyboard talking to the iPad, then fire up Dorico and you should find it works fine.


:star_struck: Is this real life? I seem to remember Daniel was saying this was NOT on their radar and I thought to myself “uhh, making a big mistake there”.

Congrats to all involved, this must had been a challenging ride! Now I understand why there’s been no update for such a long time :slight_smile:


I made that comment in the live stream chat, and Daniel’s reply was, “I may have lied” LOL

He went on to say, though, that they didn’t really focus heavily on it until starting in January of this year, and I don’t know if he made those online comments since then.


Yes, for example, I use Cubasis to get the link established and then it will work in Dorico.

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Nice! But why the limitation to 12 instruments? since i arrange for big bands and wind orchestras this makes it useless to me.

This is a fabulous achievement, both technically and in terms of “customer uptake”, which will benefit the Dorico platform as a whole. As Dan Kreider says: a rising tide lifts all boats.

There’s some features in the iPad app that I’m very keen to see in v4 for the desktop.

Oh: and Sibelius have got some kind of announcement tomorrow. I’d be very surprised if it was Sibelius for iPad…


My big feature request: open-in-place from cloud document providers (rather than making a local copy of the document within Dorico’s container). I want to be able to make edits, save back to Dropbox or whatever from within Dorico, and not have to worry about re-uploading manually.


Welcome to the forum, @matswessling. We had to put some limits somewhere. We are definitely open to making it possible to work with a greater number of players in future. Please share your feedback with us as you continue to use the app.


Yes, I agree that Open In Place support (and indeed iCloud Drive support) would be super-useful, and we will definitely be looking into that as the app develops. (I believe I wrote something to this effect in the big blog post, but you’re forgiven for not reading all of it, since it’s 5000+ words.)


More instruments is my only request. Using the app it’s otherwise got all the features I’d wish for. Well, secondly seamless desktop connection as you mention (Windows too ideally)

Help! Don’t See the Bravura Front on my iPad pro 2021.
A hard reset didn’t work either.
Hat can I so ?ßßßß

but it works on my 1st gen iPad Pro… ???

I watched (part of) the YouTube stream and read the Scoring Notes article. I’ll go check out the blog post next.

BTW I do understand that open in place is quite a technical faff to implement – I’m an iOS dev and have built file provider extensions etc before. I’d also be happy with some kind of Dorico-specific cloud service that would allow roundtrips, but I suspect that would be even more work!

I don’t think I will ever understand the obsession with the closed world of Apple. There are twice as many Android pads sold every year, and for the money that Apple charges, you can get twice the capability and twice the choice in the more open Android platform. Is there going to be an Android version of this product?


This is amazing! My main issue right now is that I have signed up for subscription, however i cannot see any available AUV3’s under the routing dropdown that I own . I have seen some other people mentioned the same issue. Could we perhaps have a clarification for it or whether this is some sort of bug?:slight_smile:

Here’s what Daniel wrote on the blog:

“For the time being, we have no plans to introduce Dorico for any other platforms: I’m sorry, fans and users of iPhones, Android phones, Android tablets and Chromebooks. At least for now, we don’t have sufficient man- and woman-power to extend Dorico on to any other platforms. Although we are not ruling this out forever, it’s not something you should expect any time soon.”

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There’s considerably more money to be made on iOS. Also, how many Android tablets are used in ‘embedded’ systems, in factories, warehousing, etc, rather than end users?