Invalid Project Files

With all due respect, how is it that the software that I have paid THROUGH THE NOSE, all of a sudden invalidates the files to which I have worked my behind off to produce.???

Also, to let you know, I am not a weekend warrior, I am a professional composer and I cannot afford to waste time on losing my mind over files that should not be corrupted in such a catastrophic and fatal manner, OK???

How come I work on files fine and next time I open them they simply shunt me with some ridiculous ‘Invalid Project File’ error message?

I have looked everywhere for a solution and it does not exist, can you explain to your customers why such a catastrophic and fatal failure happens to the files of your software !!!

Is it possible you have a problem with your storage system? It sounds like a file corruption issue.

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Why is the file corrupted though?? I don’t have a problem with any other files…just Cubase files…how on earth do I fix that?

Probably because it is Cubase you use mostly?

It could have also been a memory issue that causes.

You don’t have backups,?

I personally think that Cubase 11 becomes corrupt very quickly. And I for one would like to not have the dialog to contend with relaunching after crashes. I can delete my own preferences thank you very much (assumption is everybody is using a million dodgy plugins, I’m using 1 or 2 (VE Pro workflow and it does not appear particularly burdened with problem plugins itself) which cannot be determined to be a cause per se)… And when I get back to a project some of my preferences are lost now. I think it would be swell if things were coded by people with some experience using the thing.

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Ok, so we should use other things and give Cubase a rest then. It’s never bad coding, Cubase is 100% free of any and all problems for you.

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And then you will experience problems with those other things?

Am I assuming correctly that you use WIndows? If so, right click on the Start menu and select Windows Powershell (Admin), type the following at the prompt in Powershell (assuming the drive your corrupted files are on is the D: drive, if not specify the drive letter instead of “D”):

chkdsk D: /R

That will check the disk (you may need to reboot for the scan to work if there are any files from that drive open - it will notify you if so), and attempt to repair and any corrupted sectors and recover any files from them.

Hi there, It’s a good question, however, please note that due to the nature of my work, I triple-safe everything. I have several hard drives and I make sure that all projects are saved at least in copies of three, on three separate drives. I save very regularly.

To give you an idea of the scale of this issue, I save all my latest files in a folder titled ‘Bounced’.
I then use these files to export my work into stems for film production companies.

All of the cues are separated into folders. What has happened which nearly set me mad was that MOST OF THE ‘BOUNCED’ Cubase files AND THEIR backup files were ALL INVALID…ALL OF THEM…

My memory is fine, I don’t have the most powerful computer in the world but I run a great 6 core extreme edition CPU and I have 24 Giga RAM which is enough for what I am doing.

This is a Steinberg Issue and has to be resolved…

Hmmm, thanks for the info, I think I will hold on to upgrading to 11 (I am on 10.5)

there are multiple vectors of potential memory problems and it doesn’t have to do with how much you have. RAM can go bad, you could have had a lemon out of the box, and there’s all sorts of Operating System side memory problems that can occur as well.

What you are describing, does not sound like a Cubase side problem.

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never bad coding?..You can’t be serious, are you telling me Cubase is 100% fine, never crashes, it’s all good, it’s all other people’s issues…so you have never come across bug fixing updates??


Any chance you can explain then why no other program gets the same catastrophic issue?

Cubase is the only program that gives me a fatal error and cannot re-open the file…There has to be a way to open these files…

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Thank you so much, I will give it a go and see if this fixes the issue, I also saved my project to other hard drives and all seem to have this same issue…I repaired my main drive and the problem still persists…I’m on final delivery process and this has been devastating…thanks for your help.


what other programs are you talking about? not all programs use memory in the same way, or the same amount of memory. There could be a million explanations for that

I don’t know, Film Editing, Photoshop ???

OK look, I am a massive fan of Cubase OK? I worked with Cubase all my life, but this is just too much…The program has been designed to handle large files and cumbersome virtual instrument libraries… it is the program’s and by definition, the company’s obligation and responsibility to look into issues that affect its customers and give a definitive answer to what is clearly a massive problem.

I am hardly the only person that has reported this issue and there is not a clear answer as to how to fix this huge problem.

This isn’t some small issue with a program crash, this INVALIDATES ones work!

I’m trying to resolve your issue, not defend Cubase.

Yeah but buddy, I have explained everything I can explain, and I am at a complete loss, all the info I gave is all I have…If nothing comes out of this, at least I hope that the staff will look into this and that this very serious issue won’t happen in the future , or that at least there will be a solid way to fix this issue…

I’m just saying, this issue could have been caused system or OS side.

Well, I wish I could understand this, but I can’t, thing is, if this is outside Cubase or not, it is still happening to Cubase…not any other programs or files that I have and work on…I will research a little more when I have proper time, I hope to get to the bottom of this and at least find a helpful solution…