Inverted key colours in VariAudio

The colours of the keys in VariAudio have been inverted. Black keys are white and white keys are black. I’ve lost count of the number of mistakes I’ve made in VariAudio today due to this counter-intuitive change.

PLEASE put this back at it was.

You can change the editors background colouring, so you get the right contrast for black/white keys… here’s my Key Editor for example (it’ll apply to the VariAudio editor too):-

I adjusted the settings in the Preferences -> User Interface -> Custom Colour -> Editor area background
Any good for you…?

Thank you. Looks good. Can you please share what values you are using?

TBH I had wondered about doing this, but I really shouldn’t have to. Steinberg should make that the default!

Yes, that’s worked. Thank you.

Cool. :slight_smile: