Invisible Midi Notes

Hi All,
A while ago I read someone was having problems with midi notes in Cubasis becoming invisible in the midi editing screen, I am also having this same problem. The notes will play and the piano roll on the left shows them being played! I can’t even draw in new note because nothing happens when trying to do so. Closing and restarting Cubasis cures this problem, but why is it happening?
Any ideas :thinking:

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Again, this has happened for me as well, just yesterday. Even a restart of Cubasis didn’t work, I had to open the MIDI clip over and over, restart a few times, and can’t remember what else I did. But the notes eventually showed up.

ALSO (And I’m a Cubasis lover/power user etc.), sometimes within a pretty complex song/file, when I click on an audio clip to erase it (I think it’s only audio, not MIDI), Cubasis freezes, and after a force quit/restart of Cubasis, the song comes back, luckily intact, with the clip shown as erased. These are the only two bugs I’ve found in the newest version of Cubasis. (iPad Air 5, iOS 16.4.1 )

Any ideas, @LSlowak ?

(The AudioBus Forum is also a good place to let Lars know about these issues, he frequents that site as well.)

I’m beginning to think “we are the beta testers” :rofl:

Hi @cubaser,

Please provide us with the exact steps or a clip to allow us reproducing the issue.


Hi Lars,
Here is a clip taken on Monday 10th April.
I did nothing out of the ordinary to cause the midi notes to become invisible. I manually entered a number of note events, I closed Midi Editor and opened the Mixer, I then reopened the Midi Editor for the track I was previously editing and that’s when I noticed there was nothing on the screen, but on playback the keys on the piano roll show activity, it is not possible to highlight/erase/move/ or lengthen these notes in this state, only by closing then relaunching Cubasis will things return back to normal.
This particular project is 177MB, only small compared to many of my other projects.
This invisibility issue only happens once or twice in each month for apparently no reason, but after relaunching Cubasis when it does occur I can continue for a week with no problems. This issue is very intermittent.
Hope this is helpful .

Hi @fixitmania53,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately the steps to make the issue appear would be required, to enable our engineering to reproduce and evaluate the problem.


Only times I’ve had midi notes ‘go awol’ is when there are duplicate midi-events on the time-line.
One event with the actual notes and one on top with no notes (both events will play but only the top one can be editing unless selecting everything and doing a glue first).

It would be super helpful if Cubasis somehow indicated when there are multiple midi or audio events on top of each other on the time-line…


Hi Samuel,
Usually if I have two notes occupying the same space the volume dramatically changes, and also doubling the midi notes on a drum track produces flamming (my spell checker doesn’t like flamming),
I agree with you, it would be a great idea to have indication of double notes, I have lost count the number of times I have copied a large selection of notes and then accidentally pasted them before moving the play head to a new position and then start wondering why is that copied section sounding so much louder!
I have never noticed invisibility issues when doubling up notes, not yet anyway.

As fixitmania53 said, the issue is intermittent. I can’t beta test this over and over to send you exact steps.

I have this issue too. I think it’s enough to hire one person to join the Cubasis team who will actually use this application as a regular user, then the team will be able to learn a lot of new things.

Exactly. But not me.

Hi @fixitmania53, @cubaser, @Artem,

Could the issue be related to overlaying MIDI events on the same track?
Please double check this and let us know.


Hi Lars,
That a good point, I certainly do get the same results if I record over the top of the original track or if I accidentally drag a event over the top of the existing track in question, but when I close and relaunch Cubasis the midi notes become visible, so that rules out the latter.
The very next time it happens I will carefully check and note everything that occurred up to the point of invisibility and screen record what can be seen and let you know.


Not for me… I very rarely overlay MIDI events.

Hi cubaser,
Neither do I overlay tracks, but if I did then I would realise the reason for the invisible notes, tell a lie…… I do overlay when recording intricate pitch bends over the top of manually entered notes, but I instantly glue the tracks together, so it’s not that either, I will think about it whilst watching my favourite tv programme and then think…….what have I just watched :thinking:

Hello @LSlowak !
I have this problem again.
I open the clip, there are no notes:

After restarting Cubasis, the notes are visible:

HI @Artem,

Please check and let us know if there are multiple MIDI events overlaying each other (via moving the top event to the right).


@LSlowak This is the only MIDI event in the project, I checked by moving this clip to the right, only after that I took screenshots.

Hi @Artem again,

Thanks for the additional info.

Unfortunately we did not experience the issue ourselves so far.

Are you able to share us with a clip that shows the exact steps leading to the problem?
Is it correct that the problem disappears after relaunching Cubasis?


Hi Lars,
This problem never goes away whether I relaunch Cubasis or not.
Both CC and Automation events behave the same way.
I have tried numerous times to add a video clip but unfortunately I keep getting this message:
“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized “
I have added clips before in the past?
I have now added it using Dropbox.