iOS 7, older versions of Cubasis


iOS 7
Cubasis 1.6 has been fully tested with iOS 7.0 and we officially support it!
But before upgrading hastily please take into consideration the warnings from other iOS apps developers regarding their iOS 7 findings:

Older versions of Cubasis
Users who have already purchased an app are now able to download previous versions, allowing users to use an app with older devices that may no longer be supported by the current version.

Thanks for the heads up!


Loving 1.6!

Still NEED a sampler!

Whoa, should’ve come here first x/ cubasis doesn’t start, but stays visible at the running apps with a black screenshot. Anyone else had this?

Do this mean that it support inter app audio

No, iOS7 support and Inter app audio support are two independent things. At the moment we don’t have inter app audio support.
We plan supporting inter app audio in a future version though. :slight_smile:

Hope this is a feature you add ASAP, lots of app start to update with it.

Hi djjunior,

check this link!

When you add iOS7 compatibility, will it still work with iOS 6.1.3?

After upgrading to iOS 7 Cubasis no longer accepts audio input from the Alesis io Dock. I’m dead in the water because I cannot downgrade to iOS 6. I wish I would have read here first.

I recently bought a itrack solo (focusrite) and cannot get it to work, when i plug it into a laptop the usb light comes on but when i plug it into the ipad2 i get nothing.

Is this another product that no longer works on ios7 ?


I never cease to be amazed at how many programs Apple manages to break whenever they update their software. I’m sooooo glad I read this before ‘upgrading’ to a buggy OS. Sorry for those who have - especially Listen; I would have been in the same boat.

So if i did not purchase Cubasis before i will be unable to download older versions than 1.7, is that right? Is it any other way to get a hold of older versions? I only want to use Cubasis as a midi sequencer and don’t need any other extra features that might increase CPU load on my ipad 2. I also don’t want to upgrade to IOS7.

Yes, there is. Apple allows now to install older versions of apps. :slight_smile:

Is that possible even if i previously did not buy Cubasis? My interpretation is that the option to download older versions is only available for the users who already bought it many versions ago.

Like, if i buy Cubasis today i can download 1.7, and when the new version comes i will still be able to download 1.7 but not lower version then this.

Please just let me know if i can download older versions regardless because then i will purchase Cubasis right away.