iPad Dorico Sounds

I am blown away by the iPad version of Dorico and how closely it matches the desktop version. Great job!

The piano sounds that’s comes with Dorico for iPad leave something to be desired. How, where can I get better sounds for playback? Are there vst plugins available for Dorico for iPad?

Colossus Piano ‎Colossus Piano i App Store has a selection of piano libraries you can buy individually. I use the largest/first one - can’t remember is name - it sounds quite nice. It works as an Audio Unit in Dorico.

Listening to the demo it does sound very good. FYI $50 to download the library, while the app is free (but useless by itself)

How do I get it to work with Dorico?

Once an AU enabled app is installed you should find it in Dorico under Routing in Play mode. If it is not there you’ll have to first open GarageBand and activate it in a track there. Then close GarageBand, restart Dorico and it should appear. Press the “e” icon below the app name to open it’s interface and choose an instrument.

Hi Nickie,

I’m having the same problem as everyone else trying to get audio units to work in Dorico-for-iPad. I have Garageband on my iPad and I activated an instrument there. I then quit Garageband and launced Dorico-for-iPad and opened a previously saved document. In play mode I went to the ‘routing’ tab and saw two ‘instruments’ listed: Microsonic and then Acoustic Piano. The drop-down for ‘Microsonic’ had no additional items but the drop-down for ‘Acoustic Piano’ had myriads of choices. None of them were the instrument I activated in Garageband. Is there something extra I’m missing? Thanks for your help.


The Acoustic Piano you see is the presently selected instrument in the drop-down with the myriads of choices. This drop-down is a submenu comprising all the available instruments of Microsonic. It is when you click the drop-down menu that presently has Microsonic selected, that is the drop-down right beneath Routing, that you should see all available AUs.

Btw, make sure that you really restart Dorico. Best to kill it first.

Interesting. When I choose ‘Microsonic’ as you suggest, I see ‘Microsonic’ mirrored below (where ‘Acoustic Piano’ had been) but there is nothing else. Is it the case that not all Garageband Audio Units will be compatible?

As far as I know all AUs should be compatible.

Ok. Well for some reason, for me, Audio Units is a bust. I even restarted the iPad. I’ve opened Garageband and included three ‘audio units’ but NONE of them show up in Dorico-for-iPad. Sigh.

Which one in particular are you trying to use?

See my edit above. Among them ‘Cinematic Strings’, ‘Flea Market Wurlitzer’, and an oud (‘Pipa’).

If you own Cubasis you could try and activate them there. I didn’t have any luck with Cubasis, only GarageBand worked, but it might be different for you.

It’s curious that for some it works and for others it doesn’t. What iPad model are you using? (not that it should matter…)

‘Cinematic Strings’, ‘Flea Market Wurlizer’ ? What are they? Can you link to App Store?

They’re part of GarageBand… I didn’t download them separately. My presumption is that they’re Audio Units… maybe they’re not. How can I tell?

I have an iPad Pro 12.9" second gen. But, you are right, it shouldn’t matter.

Mine is an iPad Pro (9.7 inch), 2017 (128GB).

Sorry, internal GarageBand sounds can probably only be used in GarageBand. That’s how these things usually go. After all, Apple paid for these sounds and has zero interest in making them available in other apps. Besides, they are possibly not even AUs.

In GarageBand, the sounds that can be used in Dorico are to be found under External → Audio Unit Extensions. But you have to download them from App Store first.

Ok. That makes sense. I’m now tired of all this and will do a bike ride to clear my mind. Have a good ‘rest of your day’, and thanks for your help.