iPhone 8 Plus

I’m currently on an iPhone 13 Pro but I still have my old iPhone 8 plus. I was thinking of using that for Cubasis, just to sketch some ideas when I’m away from home and then import that into Cubase 13 when I get home.

I’ve installed the trial version of Cubasis and it seems to run just fine on the 8 plus but the trial is limited, of course.
The 8 plus has 3gb of RAM so only half of what 13 pro has.

Anyone running Cubasis on this type of iphone and if yes, is it capable enough ? Does it run out of steam quickly when adding multiple tracks and effects ?

Just thought I’d ask before I pay 59 euro for the full version…

Thanks !

I’m running Cubasis on an iPad Air 3 which only has 3GB of RAM, however I have 256GB of storage, so it has a lot of room for memory swapping to disk. I think that will be the biggest limitation on your iPhone 8 Plus. Without looking it up, I’d be surprised if it had more than 64GB of storage, which most likely will be stifling. That would be my guess.
As for paying 59 euro, Cubasis is on Sale right now and I’ve read that Cubasis 3.6 is coming out on the 18th with some sweet new add-ins and what not.

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Hi @ChristofR

If the trial version works fine so far, there are good chances the full app version will do to. However, you may check with Apple first (before purchasing the app) in regards to refunding your app purchase, if the full version does not meet your expectations.

Today, we’ve released Cubasis 3.6 which adds a few more instruments:

Hope that helps!


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When playing back the demo project in Cubasis trial (updated to 3.6 today) on my iPhone 8 Plus, CPU usage hovers around 7%, DSP around 13% on average.

Is that a good indication of the performance on this phone ? I also have a 9th Gen iPad (also with 3Gb of RAM but obviously a faster processor) and there the CPU and DSP are even lower…