IR Samples Library for Audio Post?

Hi there,

does anyone know of a proper large commercial IR samples library for audio post to use with Reverence?
The rooms that come with Reverence aren’t bad, but I miss quite a few sounds. Altiverb has a huge library, but the samples cannot be used with other IR plugins.


Try Sonic Labs Halls of Fame
works great on both Waves IR-1 and reverence

there is also yellow tools origami edition (more Irs), but I’m not sure if it’s in wave format or only origami




These are impulses for regular music mixing, not for post production.


It contains full set of rooms, spaces and outdoors from VSS3 - I use it everyday for postproduction and I find it best irs library for IR1 and now for Reverence.
Why is isn’t it for postproduction?

OK, from what I saw (had a quick look), the IR’s are mainly emulations of “older” hardware reverbs and/or Halls, rooms and spaces that are mainly used for music production. What I think pretty much everybody is after, are 100% Post Ir’s like the dedicated Audioease-Post IR’s from Altiverb & Speakerphone.


you can’t beat altiverb and speakerphone library, but sometimes vss3 IRs from halls of fame are faster to use and sometimes fit better

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant…

Have a look here:

Thanks for the link. As Fredo guessed what I am looking for is a (commercial?) library like the Audio Post Section in Altiverb. I guess it just does not exist. It looks like I’m going to have to buy another copy of Altiverb, although I really like the fact that reverence is vst3, the automation works, it’s included on every N5 system, avaikable in 64 bit…

…and hopefully will get a library to rival AltiVerb, or what’s the point?

add me to list of Reverence fans wanting it to meet its potential…

Reverence needs useful post ir’s.

And it needs to be able to be mixed between dry and wet on groups or fx channels.

Has anyone tried this one?
Looks interesting…


Thanks for the pointer, and as I just ordered it I’ll let everyone know how it is once it lands…

Neil Have you recieved it yet?
Im curious as I was looking at it as well.

The other major thing with Reverence is that its pretty hard to manage those IR files and presets.
I have not been able to figure out how to move a IR and preset properly between studios yet. Im sure its possible, but it apparently is complex enough for me to not bother and just keep using altiverb.
Although I do use Reverence a bit for sound design.

I would love to see a fraly availeble IR+presets bundler app that could create installers for me to install in all the studios. Otherwise there’s a risk that what I have in one room wont be available in the other.

Hi Neil,

Would like to know your opinion of the Ir´s

Thanks in advance.


add me to the interested list.

Would love to hear how those ir’s are sounding !

because I’m hunting for irs and wondered if anyone had a review of the ones mentioned or any good leads for post-production IR’s.

No looking for more chapels. But useful rooms, locations etc for audio for post.

NO - I haven’t.
I must go check on this.

Hey Neil, just a little heads up to know if you have received the IR mentionned above or not. Would love to know what you think of them.



I tried contacting these people numerous times (something didn’t work out for me with their download/purchase thing) and I never got an answer.