Irregular Meter: split at beat subdivisions

In “Notation Options” I’ve checked “split at beat subdivisions” under Irregular meter, but it doesn’t seem to work (?). In my example I’ve entered the 7/8 bar as [3+2+2]/8 and therefore I would expect to get the result shown in the second staff, but i get the result in the first staff. Is it a bug, or have I overlooked something?!

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Hi again, so this is starting to get on my nerves… Cleaning up an imported xml-score with lots of changing meters and tied notes going from ordinary to tremolo-flz. to squarenoteheads to ordinary etc. is a bit of a pain. It’s impossible to avoid a lot of untie/edit/tie-again/ (which by the way has a tendency to mess up previous tremolostrokes etc.). I’m starting to feel that I’m not a fan of Doricos treating tied-notes-as-one-note-idea…

ANYWAY: It would solve some problems if I could get the “split at beat subdivisions” to work - any ideas?

In the attached example I have reproduced first the 6/8-example ([1+2+3]/8) from the “Notation Options” which works fine, but then when I do a 7/8 ([2+2+3]/8) bar it doesn’t seem to work… (it should give me two quarternotes and one dotted quarternote, right? …And not one half note and one dotted quarter note.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’ll need to check with my colleague James about this, and I’ll come back to you once I’ve had a chance to talk to him about it.

Great, thanks! R.

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. The existing option (Notes that completely fill a bar with irregular meter) will only split notes at beat subdivisions of different lengths, so it will split at the third subdivision, but not at the second on. We will add a further option to this section of the dialog that will force Dorico to split at every subdivision, regardless of whether it is the same length as the previous one, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the next major version to get your hands on it.


That is great news, thank you!

Will there be also an option to beam 16th notes to beats in odd meters (like 5/4 or 7/4) in the next version? Apparently there is no option to achieve that at the moment:

No, as things stand we have no plans specifically for that, but in general we do know that greater control over secondary beat grouping is necessary and I expect we will have a solution for that at some point in the future.