Is anyone finding the new Control Room useful?

That’s why I asked for an additional CR mixer :sunglasses:
As it is now, it’s usable but simply hides too much of its functions, we can only access a few of them simultaneously. That’s where the old layout (the new additional one, please) was much better.

I think it’s a matter of how big is the recordingstudio you apply this features.
Agreed, that a projectstudio doesn’t need this “big size” control room, as I don’t need it.
As well as the various meteroptions - is almost useless for me - using the ears. > :unamused: >

It doesn’t depend on the size of your studio, it depends on the number of mixes you need to provide.

My studio is very small, nonetheless there’s a need for 3 - 4 different headphone mixes if the band plays together. Would love to use CR for that task but with the current ‘small’ design I prefer using Total Mix (which I have on a third screen, so it’s not a big hassle).

Using interfaces that don’t provide the according possibilities might not be fun I guess.


I completely agree. The new Control Room is great but the old one was even better, more efficient to use and more visually informative.


It’s a matter of time and, of sure, interest, how much of the whole Cubase SW is applied within the daily work.

For me the CR is good enough to switch between the two speaker sets I have - all the rest is unused.

Could be stupid :wink: , but hey, to record a song is really more interesting for me than to know the CR in detail :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably one day I will study this part of CB as well and probably be surprised about the features :laughing:


I’m in agreement with jose7822
Previously in 5.x I didn’t think it was a function I would need.
Now with the new Studio (still a small Project Studio) I’m even using a UR28M which has many functions of the control room built into the hardware, I’m still finding the CR of C7 a great feature.

Exactly what pertinent information was displayed that is not available in the new CR?

Hi all - can anyone tell me how to insert ARC2 into a control room monitor mix? I searched the forums and this was the most recent thread. I can’t figure it out. I just upgraded from 5.5 (never used the control room) to 7.5 and the learning curve is pretty steep :astonished: I’m certain it’s an easy solution. I may have overlooked it in the manual too.

Like others I would like to hear the mix in headphones without ARC2 and export the mixdown without including the ARC2. Currently I’m not using the control room and to exclude the ARC2 when exporting, I create a group called “Submix” and route all tracks to it and ONLY export that group channel so I avoid mixing down the main stereo bus which includes the ARC2 inserted.

I like it for a “more me” tracking mode over the entire mix.

I have a Steinberg interface, and it is just beyond figgin’ amazing to me that, at 2048 buffer size, I can track voice with reverb, have Control Room inserts active … with zero latency. How do they do that?!

I haven’t quite figured out how/when to use CTRL ROOM vs. Mix1, Mix2, Mix3 in my UR28M … I think CTRL ROOM is going to be much easier for tracking than setting up whole separate mixes.

Oh, and worth 10x the price of admission … IMO the “Listen Bus” might be the best feature of the Control Room.

So, to answer the OP, yes I find it useful. I don’t remember the old one in C6.5 very well, by reading some of these posts, it looks like I should be thankful for that.

Found my answer to insert in CR in this thread:


Absolutely horrible in a full band tracking scenario, so I guess those who like it does not use it that way.
In a rather active tracking session, when you need to act fast on the different musicians requests, it is a click fest galore, small horizontal sliders and meters (compared to C6.5’s fully vertical faders and meters) are fiddly.

As much as I want to use the Track Version feature when tracking (especially drums w/ full band in the studio), I can’t. The new Control Room drives me crazy (it’s supposed to be fun :wink:)

PS. They could/should have left the seperate, free standing, one the way it was IMO.
How hard would it be to change back that one, and leave the mix console integrated as is?

I wish someone made a “set up control room for dummies video” is there one on YouTube that someone could point the mentally challenged, such as myself, to?

Thanks had two complete articles devoted to CR I found very helpful when I started out.

I think they might be April 2012, and May 2012, but if not, easily found via google.

What do Track Versions have to do with the Control Room? And what’s wrong with Track Versions? I think they are great! They are part of my everyday workflow, along with the Control Room (which I admit is a click fest, but so is the rest of the Mix Console).

If you’re talking about quickly changing every track to the same version, or creating a new one for the whole band, then you simply select all the tracks (easily done via the “Select Tracks with Same Version ID” function found in the same pop up window where you change/create track versions) and change/create/rename the version as needed. They will all change at the same time. It’s pretty awesome, IMO.

Hi All

I use the Control Room (along with a Steiny UR824) and now couldn’t manage without it, I do think it’s a case of getting used to working with it. I used to have a biggish desk and did all the routing there, but find it MUCH easier, more compact and more reliable, to use the Control room feature nowadays,(flogged off the desk anyway). I do wish Steiny would do something about the Cue Sends section though, it works but it’s not “intuitive” would prefer them to open up vertical rather than horizontal, oh well, maybe v8 :slight_smile:

Best Regards



…But the implementation were better in Cubase 6.5 IMHO (and a few others, according to this thread alone).

NOTHING wrong with Track Versions…at all. It’s great (sorry for confusion). But…

…But to use it in a full band tracking scenario (great for drums), I am forced to use the newer and more clumsy Control Room (which is not great when handling x nr of musicians/clients at any one time).

I finally started using the Control room feature for the first time last night after finding a tutorial on YouTube using I believe the 6.0 version but I was still able to get through it even though there are differences. I can’t believe I never used it before. My only problem is, unlike the Cubase version in the video, I hate the horizontal cue sends and prefer vertical sliders! It really makes it a drag to use.

How do you route the metronome to say just the cue 1 mix but not the console mix or vice versa?

Nevermind found i! Phew :slight_smile:

Ok so after 3 years if using Cubase without ever approaching the control room I can now answer the original poster’a question. YES it is extremely useful and easy once you understand it!!! It’s really necessary once you start recording 2 or more musicians simultaneously like myself. My Tascam console is able to send multiple monitor cues but not as easily (at least for me). Learn this! It will only take one night and the benefits are awesome. I can’t believe I waited so long to use this function.


I jumped from 5.5 to 7.5.2 and just started using the control room. I didn’t think I needed it until I got ARC2 room correction and just needed to “set it and forget it” and not have it included when rendering tracks etc.

Excellent feature along with the metering!