Is Anyone Using Cubase 7 With Windows XP?

Does it work under Windows XP? I realise it’s not officially supported - version 6 wasn’t supported for XP but it runs fine. But I’d like to hear from XP users before I spend any money on buying version 7.

No, won’t install.

Thanks. Looks like my money is staying in my pocket and I’m sticking to version 6.5

Same here! Not really willing to spend $*** for a new OS and reinstalling a whole bunch of software just to get a “new mixer” and a couple of others not so major additions, along with a big package of new bugs as I see here in this forum! After v.6.5 it seems like I am parting with Steinberg!!!

I tested this for you:
I copy the folder “cubase7” from the Program Files (x86)\Steinberg of an instalation on W7 in another Xp computer, put the dongle in the Xp computer and let’s go: double clik on Cubase7.exe and after open a *.cpr: it run and work!
I don’t test more than few minutes but I think it can workgood ( at your own risk and without steinberg assistance)
But forget Xp because if hCubase7 can run on it, in one month it’s another plugin that you will not be able to install on xp and so on…and finally a lot of time lost

best regards

Whether you’re in this professionally or just as a hobby, one thing you have to realize is that it’s all based on technology, and that technology is continuously evolving, changing. If you choose to ignore this and stubbornly refuse to “update” then you will be left behind like a dinosaur.

The next couple of years or so will see some major fundamental changes happen in technology, particularly in our interaction with it from a console perspective. Have you seen any commercials for the new W8 that use anything but a touchscreen?

Steinberg is very probably preparing (as are many other developers) their interface now for future compatibility.
The old analog hardware mixing boards are not only our heritage, but also our future as the desk morphs into a giant touchscreen mixer.

Welcome to the borg.
Resistance really is futile!

I’ve been using Cubase 7 on my Windows XP at work since Tuesday, and works WONDERFULLY. I have no problems with it, at all.

I don’t know why the installer doesn’t support Windows XP but the software clearly does (and I hope it will for a long time). I’m fine with Steinberg dropping support for an obsolete OS, but at least give us the chance to install the software at our own risk! I certainly won’t complain :slight_smile:

At home I use a Windows 7 64 bit OS.

Thanks for the effort, but if I already had W7 with C7 on it I wouldn’t need to copy it anywhere would I?! And it is even more annoying now knowing that the software DOES RUN on XP but the installer just won’t lunch!!! Appreciate your help though!!!

@ BriHar:
No, I am not in this professionally, that is why I can’t afford to spend so much extra cash to just get a few new features without which I could still easily live on, to me there are a lot other more important things in life for which to save my money! If I was earning my living with Cubase things probably wold be quit different. I don’t want anybody here to get me wrong, there are no bad feeling toward Steinberg from my side whatsoever and I do understand quit well the whole old OS support dropping thing, but it is just a fact that it is not financially acceptable deal anymore for everyone who were using this software so far, and I hope Steinberg do realize that! Otherwise I do not seriously believe that Steinberg give a s*** if I and few others are going to continue using their products or not!!!

To install Cubase 7 on WinXP:

1: Run the main installer to unpack all packages.
2: Locate Cubase7.msi
3: Use the msiexec command to extract files: msiexec /a Cubase7.msi
4: Install other packages manually

Gosh! Then I can run it on my Millennium laptop then? The Atari? :laughing:

Thanks for the trick!

Gosh, you guys are really going to make me change my mind then! Thanks a lot for the tip, hopefully works ok :smiley: !

Great news, since I am planning on getting an old Scope system up and happening using all the software from the previous decade and before!

(on a test rig of course :wink: SB have my back on W7 because of their fantastic dongle)

If there are problems, SB don’t want to be responsible to support with man hours but the good news is SB will never deliberately cripple or prevent something from working if it can, it is in their blood to allow/enable their software to operate on the greatest number of platforms and systems.

Until now? that’s what they have done with C7 and Windows XP!

Not exactly, as the MSI still allowed installation

Come on, without knowing the trick no one could install it.

That’s what this forum is for! :confused:

If certain users can’t be bothered updating as per the industry standard for the modern software Steinberg, or anyone else, makes then they won’t make anything reliable on all the old and knackered platforms.
Until January windows 8 is cheap as chips, even windows 7 is well affordable even by church mice and both plus Cubase 7 are money well spent.
But if you insist on using XP then I agree with you on not spending the money. Me, I’d lumber granddaddy with the XP machine and ask Santa for a new computer and Cubase 7. :mrgreen:

The fact is that it works perfectly in Windows XP, but Steinberg doesn’t allow to install on it.

The trick mentioned earlier doesn’t work, either. The main installer of Cubase 7 still blocks the installation, you can only install the additional packages.

Why should it? Follow that logic and you may want it to install on the Atari. There are other issues more relevant. Just because one doesn’t have them there’s no reason to invent spurious “problems” just for forms sake. :unamused:
Wait for the Christmas money off daddy and mummy and crack open the piggy bank and simply upgrade.