Is CPR File Size an Issue?

This may be a really daft question: should I be bothered or worried about the size of my cpr and bak files?

ssd space is OK, and file load time doesn’t slow down on me, but I wondered if I was missing a treat with my project file management.

My usual template setup is 500+ disabled instrument tracks with one instance of kontakt/VST/VI ens/etc for each. I have a handful of enabled tracks that load (in no time at all) as a starting point. Also have a couple of marker tracks, video/arranger/chord/ruler tracks all good to go.

My .cpr files are coming out at 322,000kb plus.

My pool is empty…

If you have any suggestions as to make it smaller, or if it is even an issue and I am missing trick, please let me know. thanks.

Hi and welcome,

NI Kontakt instances make the project really huge.

…and if they get really big (4GB) you can run into problems…see this thread (probably worth reading the whole thread though it takes a while to confirm the size issue):

Thanks for the clarification here.
Is there a more efficient way of working with larger templates?
I am aware of enabled tracks having a RAM footprint, but hard to tell if/what the footprint is of disabled tracks on both RAM and CPR size.

To me, Instrument tracks with single instances of whatever VST you are using makes most sense to work with creatively. I find the other option of midi track with audio track assigned to it a clunky system, and must have a larger cpr footprint as you are using two tracks including vst.

Are there any other options?