Is it just me? Can't get used to the new Forum

Quite possibly,but that does not exist on the virtual keyboard on my Android Nexus7 tablet.

It’s not part of the keyboard, it’s one of the soft buttons provided by the OS- the back button, I believe. When the keyboard is open, it closes it, leaving the page alone.

You are right! Thanks, that helps.

I was not aware of that.

Normally that arrow seems to just step back entire web pages. I did not know that it would clear the virtual keyboard as well.

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I hear you- even after years of using that, I still wonder nervously what it’ll do this time when I tap.

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I used to feel there were friends and colleagues and I could see them, now it’s like trying to find an elephant with a microscope, you know they are there, but you can’t see them . I also dont like the colors - too shiny white or too g;loomy black

I’m quite liking the black - very chic :smiley:

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yes, the search menu should last in the dropdown List. I have same Trouble

It seems to be working better these days in FF and PaleMoon… or at least usable. It is still not very intuitive, and no clearly stated ‘mark forum as read’,
I prefer the old and most other forum designs.

Mark forum as read sort of = Dismiss New.

But the paradigm is different.

It would be nice to have a grey option between the stark white and sinister black.

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ngl it kinda got me confused but i guess you need to get used to it. But I think it’s also a little more sorted?

Well for me the forum looks great! I work as UI/UX designer and I really like it! Simple and easy to use! It would be great to put a feedback “channel?” to suggest improvements.

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The new forum looks ok. Slightly easier on the eyes than the old one. The quoting feature is nice. I like the little red “last visit” line. And the grey text for visited threads.

  • “Votes” feature makes no sense. What exactly am I voting for? Shouldn’t this be limited to the “feature requests” category?

  • Bring back signatures so users can quickly asses how an issue applies to them.

  • The “Tags” Tab should include the ability to choose which platform, better yet, add another tab to filter platform. Better use than the “solved / not solved” tab.

  • The first tab is redundant because it’s the same as just going back to the menu page (click on Steinberg name/logo).
    I prefer the menu page anyway when navigating to another category.

  • I think the layout from inside the threads could be more efficient. Use less space for the time bar by sliding it all the way to the right and expand the text.
    Better yet. Get rid of the time bar.
    The date in the posts is really all we need to navigate and it would leave so much more space for the thread.

  • Maybe make a separate “Forum” category so people can discuss and make forum suggestions in an orderly fashion rather than having to hunt out threads like this which will probably never be seen by the forum programers.

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It’s not quite the same, but if you add info in the “About me” within your Profile settings it will show up when someone clicks/taps on your username.

Thanks for that. I just tried it… still doesn’t appear in the body of the comment.
Oh well… onward.

That’s why I said …

I didn’t like it at first. However, many posters never included a signature. That obviously has not changed. And if they did, many times it included so much annoying and irrelevant information that it was mind torturing to see a page worth of useless information every time they made a five word post. Do you really need to tell me about every guitar you own, every VST plugin you own, every piece of outboard gear you own, the history of your musical training, what kind of dog you have and how many times it has diarrhea per month, why I should think of you as a God, etc.

Okay, I might be getting slightly carried away there, but it is slightly cleaner this way given that useless space is used to the maximum and signatures in every post would make it even worse.

I think the only thing I like better about the new forums is the ease of posting images.


I agree about the overuse of signatures. I found it annoying sometimes too.

But the vast majority of users just included the important stats. And when Steinberg eliminated the platform specific sub-forums back in the early 2000s it was the only way to reference the relevance of a thread.
Now it’s just a free-for-all.
I’d be happy with the ability to tag and search by platform.

Thanks for the response.

PS - Another thing I do like about the new forum is that I can log in when reading a thread I’d like to comment on and after log-in I’m still on that thread.

Before if you logged in while reading a thread you were bumped to the top of the forum and had to hunt down the thread you were reading.

It’s the little things.

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I used to post here on a regular basis but after they switched I really don’t like this forum anymore.

I tried but it’s confusing and hard to search for anything and you don’t see any info about the poster anymore.
It’s like twitter. Just text and icons, but no soul. So I basically quit posting!

The old forum was way better and way more personal!

I hope their new licensing system is more successful? For all our sakes!

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It’s really not that bad if you can adapt to a few things.
There’s no hierarchy really, instead, there are categories which replaced the main subforums, and tags used for specificity.

So instead of the old way of posting an FR to the Cubase Forum> Feature Request subforum, such a post would go in the Cubase Category, tagged with feature-request.

Clicking on usernmaes broings up User Profile stuff if the person added things. Personally I’m happy to not need to scroll past 13 inch long sigs listing every device user ever owned

It’s not a total love-fest for me with the new forum, but I do like it better. Also, for moderation it is light years ahead of the old phpBB forums.

Check out the Forum Guide I put together.


design is nice, infinite ajax loading is not