Is it OK to rename "Dorico" to ""?

Is it OK to rename “Dorico” to “”?

Boring stuff: Dorico (Feb 22 2024) on Mac OS 14.2.1 (Sonoma).

Due diligence: I did see and read this thread about small caps.

Why do I want to rename “Dorico” to “”? I need to input small caps in text boxes in Dorico. Dorico does not support small caps. Back when I was on Dorico v. 3.5, I recorded some keyboard shortcuts in KeyboardMaestro so that it would pick up the font code points of Minion Pro certain small caps words I need to use often.

Things have changed: The entire project is now using the font Crimson Pro, and Dorico is now v. 5.1. Apparently because of the way KeyboardMaestro saves its shortcuts, it does not allow me to use them in v. 5.1. (Maybe there is a setting to change somewhere in KeyboardMaestro?)

But I have to re-do all the small caps anyway since the code points are different in Crimson Pro than they were in Minion Pro. But I would prefer to have KeyboardMaestro make its shortcuts for the plain-vanilla-named “” so that in the future I could rename “Dorico” to “”.


EDIT: Looks as if Crimson Pro doesn’t even have small caps! Ugh! i cannot find them in Font

EDIT 2: I showed my ignorance of Keyboard Maestro’s interface. It was easy to add Dorico 5 to this list of apps my selected keyboard shortcut list is to apply to as in this screenshot. Just had to click on the “+” sign. A list showed up with “Dorico” in it (not “Dorico 5”). I clicked it, and KeyboardMaestro added “Dorico 5” to the list. :slight_smile:

I’d want to know more about this. Why can’t you use KM shortcuts in v5.1? The name of the app didn’t change with the 5.1 update.

You can of course change the name of Dorico, but any updates and installers will create it with that name.

It might be easier to create a Small Caps version of the Crimson Pro font (as I have done for Nepomuk).

It would be much simpler to change the KM workflow to use the correct name. As said, over the life of Dorico 6, every update will reset the name.

Problem solved! :grin:

I might be over-thinking this or being stubborn that I must have small caps. I’m not sure I’ve not enough time in life to worry about it if Crimson Pro doesn’t have small caps: maybe it’s better to just “do ugly” and use all capital letters.

I realize that I could use character styles and stuff, but I’m trying to use all tokens and do stuff with no overrides…

EDIT: Or maybe I’ll use Minion Pro for that text that needs the small caps. That is the only text that will be italicized so I doubt that it will stand out as radically different. Just thinking out loud here – sorry!

That’s what I would do. There’s no substitute for true small caps.

A quick check shows that Crimson does have Small Caps characters.

@benwiggy, I looked in Font, and (1) Crimson Pro has far fewer characters than Minion Pro, and (2) scrolling down through the characters in Crimson Pro, I did not see any small caps. Could you please provide a screenshot? It’d be really good if you could include a screenshot like this one from Minion Pro. You’ll see that the name of this character in Minion Pro is, which means it’s an “s” with the caron above it and the “sc” suffix means “small cap”. I can’ t find such characters at all in Crimson Pro.

I’m not seeing small caps either.

There seems to be a block of .sc small caps characters, right at the end, after all the Greek chars.

But they don’t have Unicode values, so they can only be used as OTF features. You can’t just ‘type’ it.

Smallcaps is not part of the Unicode standard, it’s just an advanced stylistic variation, entirely font-dependent, just like fancy swashes, old-style figures etc.
Either use a dedicated SC font (i.e. font variety), or wait till the Qt framework supports all OTF features (and Dorico taking advantage of them).

@benwiggy, Thanks for that. It should have clarified the situation, but I still can’t find them. Maybe I have a different version of Crimson Pro on my computer. It is a version (at least in “Regular” typeface that @dan_kreider modified to change the hyphen froma slanted one to a straight one.

The fact that I can’t find small caps in Crimson Pro is not an issue now that I’ve decided to use Minion Pro for that particular text.

Thanks for always being helpful!

@PjotrB, Thank you for chiming in. I’m happy that Daniel has confirmed in this thread that those advanced features will someday be available in Dorico.

Crimson (there’s no “Pro” in the name") is installed with Dorico, so you should have the same one.

He has Crimson Pro, a Google font.

Oh, well that’s confusing…! :roll_eyes:

Sorry - I was looking at Crimson. (So much for "reserved font name “Crimson” ")

Interestingly, Crimson contains 600 glyphs more than Crimson Pro…!!