Is it possible like the old days to recall various track mute set ups with function keys?

Hi all. Long in the tooth Cubase veteran here. Guys, back in the old days with Cubase on Atari ST, I could save track mutes on the function keys with shift+alt+F1-10 and recall them with just alt+F1 etc. So as I was cycling around 1 -9 I could recall complicated tracks mutes on the fly. Then if I liked the change I could recall the mutes set up and copy over that active range. I may be missing something obvious, so please forgive me if so, but Ive googled the hell out of this and cant for the life of me find out if todays Cubase can still do this?? Is it using the Logical editor or something? Disable function keys in windows 10? Dont have to be function keys, numeric keys be ok of course…
These days got more then ever tracks in the arrangement window and it used to be so easy to preview changes while cycling and copy them out etc… be very grateful if someone could set me and all my other pensioner Cubase users I know straight how we might accomplish this old key command…

Yes, using the Project Logical Editor. (introduced years after the Logical Editor) You could set something up using filters in the upper pane, and actions in the lower. There are examples inside the PLE in the presets drop down menu under Tracks.

Have a look at that – post back with questions if any. I’m a-gonna go put my teeth in now. :tooth:

Thanks for the reply, although I used to use the older Logical Editor a fair bit and the basic principles appear similar; ‘if this, then that’, it seems to be only a one action ‘event-based’ thing to me? Studied the tracks presets that are already there and in trying to edit those around there appears no parameter option available to get what I need to happen. Lost really. Would it be poss for you to create save and send me the preset here somehow Steve?
You know, I find it really strange nobody else uses/needs this too? In the 90s I used to have every function key set up with various track mute on/off states which were so easy to save/recall on the fly as I said before.
Cheers anyway, Ant.

They are used a lot. Please – have a look at the included examples, this is how to learn the ins and outs of the PLE

Ah thanks again for swift reply Steve,
man, I have been looking at all the options since your original reply and my years of abuse brain is just going blue screen here. I guess its something like any tracks muted save to key command… If theres only a few paramaters to set above and below… could you not simply screenshot it for me here to copy… i guess would also need a macro set up of some kind tho?

For me its like being on Krypton Factor… if you know that old UK tv show… haha

Thanks for your time and advice once again.

Ive had a thought that ‘Save Mixer Channel Snapshots’ might be the way to go instead of muting arrange window tracks and PLE… but can I recall different mixer snapshots with a key command I wonder?

ah mixer snapshots dont include mutes it seems… arrggghhh

I see this particular feature request was raised back in 2019.

Mix Console Snapshot Should Include Mute Status

Surely not a difficult button to add there for Steinberg. You know I remember years ago, Steinberg chose my studio amoungst others to visit in the UK to see and discuss my workflow and what suggestions I had. I think it was for SX3 or 5 god knows, I said “when you create a VST instrument it should automatically or give you the option to create a corresponding midi track”, as that drove me crazy. They included that on the next version… but that was years ago of course. Oh well. Come on Steinberg fix up. lol

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