Mix Console Snapshot Should Include Mute Status

Mix console snapshots should include mute status. Add a check a box for mute status in the snapshot settings dialog and it would then be possible to quickly and easily switch between groups of muted/unmuted tracks to compare different versions of the mix. Mix console snapshots are great for comparing alternate mixes, but what’s the most basic thing you would want to compare in alternate mixes? Answer: which tracks are included/excluded (unmuted/muted) in the mix.

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So ok I tried to think about a workaround and this is what I came up with. Maybe it can help you or we can together evolve it.
So lets say you have the following track list:

Audio 1
Audio 2
Audio 3
Audio 4
Audio 5
Audio 6
Audio 7
Audio 8
Audio 9
Audio 10

You now want to quote “easily switch between groups of muted/unmuted tracks to compare different versions of the mix”. So you want to have different mute configurations and switch between them.

Lets say you want
one configuration “A” for muting tracks 1-5 but having tracks 6-10 unmuted and
one configuration “B” for muting tracks 6-10 but having tracks 1-5 unmuted

You select tracks 1-5
Show Only Selected tracks
Add Configuration
Name It “Mute Config One”

Show All Tracks

You select tracks 6-10
Show Only Selected tracks
Add Configuration
Name It “Mute Config Two”

Show All Tracks

Now you can switch between Mute Config Two and Mute Config One.
You just then select all of the tracks in the Mute Conifig and press the “M” button on your keayboard.


Thank you for taking the time to devise a workaround. It has problems though. For example, it means hiding all the tracks that are not muted and/or using more steps than creating snapshots. In order to do a good A/B comparison, it needs to be a single step to swap back and forth between A and B.

More importantly, isn’t this exactly the kind of thing that mix console snapshots are intended to make easy? What does it tell you about the usefulness of mix console snapshots when your advice on how to perform this task is: “do not use snapshots” :slight_smile:.

If the intended purpose of snapshots is not to compare alternate mixes, then can you share with us what the intended purpose is? I asked in another thread if anybody has found a use for snapshots and the answer was “no”.

The MixerSnapshot featur is there to be able to compare different versions of a mix. Unfortunatly the Solo/Mute states are not part of the settings.
To remedy I can only advise to set the faders of the track you want muted to 0 db because this setting will be respected by the snapshots. I am aware that this also is a workaround and not optimal. The workaround with visibility group solution is not optimal as well. But maybe there will be somebody that can use it. I understand the usecase and the requirements you have posted.

That said, don’t you agree the entire state of all mix controls should be included in a snapshot? Seems like a glaring omission that should be addressed by the engineering staff. Is there any plan to include (at the very least) muted channel states in snapshots in an upcoming release?


We are constantly working on improving our functions and incorperating the feedback we get into Cubase. Unfortunatly the list of Featur Requests is gigantic so it is not possible to address all requests at once. But we are working on it. The requests in the featur request forum and this thread are seen and considered.

I know this is a bit old, but can anyone confirm if MixConole Snapshots include Mute in Cubase 11 Pro? I just spent an afternoon on 10.5 testing this feature to find out the one thing I need, toggling between muted tracks, is not supported :frowning:

Thank you!

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+1. Pleeeease!

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I have just come across this post as I seeking the same answer. I can confirm that C11 does not include mute/solo in the snapshot. I am basically recording a cover version of a song which i have the original in track 1. I am then playing the original and as I pick up new sounds and melodies I add a track and match an instrument to it. once I have built the basics I will then mute and unmute the original along with the particular track I am trying to perfect. This is difficult without having the ability to snapshot the mutes. Perhaps there is a better way to do this?

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When I do this I just set up the mix of things I’m working on, and then select the original and solo it (which mutes all my stuff) then un-solo it so it can be A-B’d to the original.

Hope that helps…?

Hi Yeah I do the same but I dont always want to hear all my tracks. For example Imay be working on a very subtle acoustic guitar so I want to flick between original only and only the acoustic guitar track I am working on. I also want to be able to bring in all my other tracks so check it sounds close (before mixing) so its a pain. The alternative I guess is to listen to the original outside of cubase but through the same monitors.

Doesn’t Cubase remember the mutes you have in place before you hit solo? So you hit solo, listen to the original, hit it again and it plays your unmuted selection, then if you want to add bits you can unmute them and solo again to compare to the original…? No?

Hello my friend,
Believe it or not, different versions of a mix could have certain tracks muted to eliminate an unneeded production element.
In my situation right now and in many instances during production, I end up with more loops and elements in a song than I need, and I start muting and solo’ing tracks to find a nice balance. It would have been awesome if I could have saved them to MixSnapshots as I discover the right combos and be able to get back to them easily without thought. merry xmas/happy new year

Can anyone confirm whether mix console snapshots finally include track mutes in Cubase 12?

It appears not. IMO Mute and Solo states are an essential part of a mix state for exactly the reason @DragonSounds asserts above.

this is important to be able to snapshot mute state of tracks. cubase 12 still does not have. all that wish that feature should press vote button. there was only 1 vote and 1 vote from me. so there are now 2.

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I’m also confused by this omission. It seems so glaring that I’m assuming it’s an intentional design/functionality decision.

Can anyone theorize why Steinberg would intentionally omit mute from the settings?

My theory is the incomplete way it is now is enough to permit them to put a checkmark next to “Console Snapshot” in their features list and that’s all that matters to Steinberg, since that will attract new customers.

Whether it’s actually usable or not isn’t important because a customer doesn’t discover it doesn’t work properly until after they’ve bought Cubase.

its really not usable if its not includes automation save/recall , its ridicule’s really !
why bother to invest time programming it if its just another useless tab on the mixer ?

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