Is it possible to cut the Stereo Image?

Is there a way to cut the stereo image from a already recorded stereo sound?
For example cutting the sound from -40 to 0 and resize this part from -100 to 100.

Thank you for the support,

Aloha C,

If by ‘cut’ you men to take a stereo audio track and make
it sound more ‘mono’, you can use the Steinberg ‘Stereo Enhancer’ plug for this.

With it a user can make a stereo track sound completely ‘mono’
or any where in between.

resize this part from -100 to 100.

Also not sure what you mean by this
but the result of using the above approach will still fill
both your speakers with sound.

HTH (hope this helps)

Or… If I understand the question!

Use automation to automate the stereo combined panner.