Is it possible to edit/alphabetize the mp3 genre field?


I think there was a thread about this a while back but I can not seem to find it now.

When exporting to mp3 I can not find a way to:
add to,delete from or edit the mp3 genre field.

If its listings were even alphabetical, that would help.

Also there are several genres missing (Bossa Nova, Dixieland etc) and even tho’ there is an ‘others’
catagory I would like to enter new ones.

Any info on this?

Excellent question. I’d really appreciate seeing a response to this also.

I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

+1, at least alphabetical order would make things a lot easier.

Also some of the categories are a bit suspect and there is no option to include new ones either which would be kinda handy!

Here’s the thread you may have meant:-

And yes, a big +1 here for all your requests - especially listing by alphabetical order, PLEASE…; I mean, come on SB, this isn’t difficult stuff, surely…!?! The moderator in that thread did say he’d pass on the request and asked for more ‘styles/genres’ that could be included…

Fingers crossed SB is listening… and can afford a half hour or an hour of a developers time to at least adjust what’s there/add-in the others quoted.


So is there a sort of text or xml type file in the app, that holds the current info?

Can we go in (with a text editor) and changes things?

Would be nice to know - but I don’t see anything obvious… though, I’m hoping it really would be that easy for the devs (or just one of them…!) to accomodate. No programming/coding involved here, surely… :wink:


I usually use a program called mp3tag to get all the tags in, it lets you do much more than the export window provides and you can actually type what genre you want. Revolutionary /sarcasm

Aloha Strophoid and thanks for that tip.

I went to the site and mp3tag looks like something I could use with no probs.
Unfortunately Mac OSX is not supported.

Thanks again.

+1 for mp3 tag… nifty little freeware app… integrates nicely with windows.

Hi Curteye, how are things in paradise?

Have you checked out Tritag?

Thanx soooo much Steve. I grabbed it and will be trying it out this weekend.
Thanx again.

Hi Curteye, how are things in paradise?

As we say here:

I find the genre listing in id3 tag listing pretty poor. I can’t even work out the thinking behind the order they appear.
I would like it in alphabetical order ad to be able to add delete genres, I will never have a use for christian rap!

PAH!!! you don’t know WHAT you are missing! :wink:

My personal favourite is ‘Booty Bass’ :smiley: … i now tag ALL our stuff with that one! :smiley:

Thanks to ‘strophoid’ and ‘matjones’ - will take a look at mp3tag later…
(still think SB could quickly alphabetize(?) the current list though… :wink: )


Under the ‘help’ menu in C6 there is a tab for "Credits and Copyrights’.

Credit for the MPEG3 Layer is given to:
‘Fraunhofer llS and Thomson multimedia’.

Seems to me this would be the source for change.

Maybe Steiny can give them a call and make this part of the next up-date.

Dear SB, a shot-in-the-dark bump for future attention. Please.


It’s been a while, but Curteye brought this to my attention again, so: