Is it possible to hide the barline under a bar-repeat number?

As shown in the screen shots below, Sibelius (top image) hides the bar line under the “2”, but Dorico doesn’t.

I prefer the Sibelius way - it’s cleaner. Is there a way to get Dorico to do this?

I didn’t see anything in Layout/Notation/Engraving Options or in Properties (unless I missed it).




I run into this all the time, and it would be great if Dorico would have a setting to automatically erase the background here. For now my workaround is to just input a few non-breaking spaces as Shift-X text, switch to Engrave, select Erase Background, and position the spaces. With the current drawing order that will erase the barline but not the 2. You can then copy it elsewhere as needed.

If you run into this all the time, why not do this?


Because it never occurred to me to do that :man_facepalming: That’s a pretty great fix, thanks!

Thanks, Leo!

That certainly works, but it took me quite a while to figure out how to do this, not being very experienced in the edit window. This kind of change should be in Engraving Options, IMO.

I agree it would be good if Dorico could handle this automatically. I’ve made a note of this requirement.