Is it possible to increase/decrease channel volume with a button on a streamdeck?

Hello, so I still don’t own a good controller hardware, and I wonder if I can increase/decrease channel fader volume (and pre gain for that matter) with buttons on my streamdeck

I would like to program a “+” and a “-” button, to control the fader volume for the selected track. Not sure if this is possible


Sorry, this is not possible. Not the Channel Fader Volume. The only way to control the Fader via Key Command is when the MixConsole or the Channel Settings Windows is open and the fader area is in focus (red rectangle). Then you can use the Edit > Primary Parameter Fine Increase/Decrease command.

Yes you can.

That said, in practical use, especially when playing a song/project that consumes a lot of CPU resource, there is too much random latency between DAW and Stream Deck to make the use of fader buttons (or pan knobs), on Stream Deck of practical value.

Stream Deck uses LoopMIDI (by Tobias Erichsen) for midi in and out ports, and here lies the issue. Stream Deck plus loopMIDI appears (via Task Manager in WIN10) to comsume / conflict with resourses that the running DAW is using. There is a lot of background polling by loopMIDI/Stream Deck in order to pick up and send values to and from the DAW. The more faders /knobs you add to stream deck the greater the issue.
I started off with banks of 8 faders and 8 pans on Stream Deck XL, but soon reduced that to 1 fader and 1 pan for the SELECTED channel only in order to reduce resources consumed by loopMIDI/Stream deck.
I’ve now abandoned using faders/ pans with Stream Deck, but still use two-way midi for MUTE, SOLO, Read , write Monitor/ Arm etc. These have minimal effect on DAW resources compared to stream deck faders, especially those that show a live channel meter too.
Stream deck is best used for key commands/ hot key functionality. It’s super slick and fast. But the more active live MIDI you pile on, the slower things get with lots of frustrating latency.

Best to use a proper keyboard/ launchPAd for midi faders and knobs, e.g. Novation Launchkey range. These have MUCH better/faster midi port software implementation than loopMIDI for Stream Deck.
A combo of a midi keyboard (using CB12 MIDI remote) and stream deck for many pages of well-organised cubase hot keys/macros is a powerful combination.

EDIT: You can use C12 MIDI remote to set up Stream Deck buttons for mapping if you use Note on/off or Control Change for button set-up on Stream Deck first. Otherwise, for some two-way controls (eg Scribble pad-channel names values) you still require the Mackie remote control because not all functionality is available in CB12.0.04 MID remote at this point in time.


OK, if streamdeck can send a MIDI message, then it’s something different.

You can try to make an autohotkey script to change track volume. In that case you wouldn’t even need a stream deck and could also assign that action to a normal key on your keyboard.

What it basically does is:

  • move the mouse to a certain position (i.e. volume fader in inspector or the smaller volume fader on top at the header of the inspector )

  • perform “Mouse-WheelDown” or “Mouse-WheelUp”

  • move the mouse back to the start position

this happens in (nearly) realtime and it will feel like a built in key command from Cubase.
I made one for the Control room Volume recently, so it should work for the channel volume as well.


I would really recommend to consider some of the single-fader DAW controller, like Steinberg CC121 for this task.

Yes it’s a temporary solution
CC121 is discontinued, and I don’t want to deal with the whole « banking » system, I just want the fader to automatically select the selected track fader. Which device do you recommend ? Something compact

Yes stream deck can send midi messages . I assigned the channel volume to a knob in my komplete kontrol keyboard with the midi remote system (selected track - channel volume). The only issue is that keyboard need a combination of 2 buttons pressed each time you want the knobs to be in « midi mode ». Otherwise, every time you select a new track on cubase, they keyboard knobs switch to mackie or wathever it’s called. And the knobs now control the volume of 8 random volume faders with no logic

I just found this (from the midi stream deck plugin creator) that explains how to setup fader ! StreamDeck Midi plugin

Thanks for the auto hotkey solution, that comes in handy

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Just in case you’re gonna need it: I am sure there is also the possibility to combine MIDI/Streamdeck with Autohotkey.

Glad you could find a possible solution!

I use the following method, I love it, you just need to write 1 volume automation point (which I already have added to my template) and I change vol with two keys:


The fader follows the selected track. You don’t have to deal with the banking system.

There are other devices similar to CC121.